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FFB Yoke from Brunner Elektronik

force_feedback_yoke_zoomSwiss company Brunner Elektronik have announced the release of their Control Loading System Basic Yoke – a force feedback yoke designed for use with commercial off-the-shelf simulators such as the MSFS series, Prepar3D and X-Plane.

More than just a hobby yoke – which partially explains the €4000 price tag – the hardware supports numerous control systems including USB, CAN and TCP/IP. It can also be electronically linked to a second unit for multi-crew training. Technical specifications and full details can be found on the Brunner Elektronik website.


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Definitely will check the home build version!

If you can come up with one for a reasonable price that has even half the features of this one, you’ll undoubtedly have a whole bunch of customers. Most of us have been pining for a good FFB yoke for years.

Thanks for interesting in our new force feedback yoke. We know that the price may to high for a hobby flight simmer. The target groups for this units are simulator builder or enthusiastic home users who wants to reach certification level for flight training. The Yoke runs with 2 permanent magnet ac-servo motors@200W with high resolution encoder and a precise and strong mechanics. Two unit can be synchronized via CAN-Bus in real time. We are at the development of a new Yoke that will fit more in the target groupe of a home user It will have the same features… Read more »

….. AND- ladie´s and gentlement- if you order it today in this hour, yu´ll get 1 Spaceship– FOR FREE…

-only joking, i am sure its quite a good piece of hardware (has to be), but this price is really too much for any private useage- thats almost the haf price of a PPL in Austria- maybe my teacher will buy it for his certified simulator 🙂