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C90B for FS9 from Carenado

110341_28Carenado‘s promise to keep supporting the many users of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 is still bearing fruit, this time with the release of the C90B King Air.

The twin executive turboprop comes in six liveries (plus a blank for repainters), plus a wide array of custom gauges, animations and eye candy. 2d panel fans may want to steer clear, though, as the aircraft comes only with 2d pop-ups for some gauges – the rest is available in the VC only.

Find out more and add it to your collection via the product page here.

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Thanks Ian.

Ian we have been cool for along time so I apologize for mis-reading your statement (and read what I wrote just before your last post). I do ask if you have any insight on a good machine I can get for FSX and it’s proper setup that me and many other don’t seem to know about please post it in that Avsim thread I have a link for above. If you know a way to get FSX up and running with little or no issue (look better than FS9) I’d love to hear it (read it). Thanks…