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Flight Sim World Released

It’s now available via Steam : Flight Sim World. Dovetail Games chose to open an anticipated access to their new flight simulation software.

A2A Simulations Accu-Feel and Orbx textures are included, as well as flight lessons and missions for instance. Your OS must be installed in 64bit mode.

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Thanks for your reply, but its better to read my comment first, already did that👍😉

Sorry. I’m glad you’ve solved problem.

No problem mate!😀😀👍can happen to the best uf us☺️😉👍

Hi mates😀

It works!…Got it working now, thanks for the help Boerries😀😎👍

And Fillemall, i will test FSW this evening, but i am afraid that you are right😬😂😂😂
AeroflyFS 2 and the upcoming Prepar3D V4 are the sims i will go for😉

And X Plane 11 of course😎👍

Just restart Steam client. You have solutions for such problems on Steam game forum.

Hi dear people, What is going on??? I have a high end game pc, and can play all steam games on max settings, but FSW wont even start??????? When i start its shows an error saying ”an error occurred while updating Flight sim World (Wrong Platform) ?????? What is wrong???? I tried already the following: Reinstall FSW, Reinstall Steam incl rebooting Steam client, Even downgraded my windows version to the latest public beta of Windows 10 Pro x64. At this moment i am going back again to version 16199.1000rs (Insider Program, latest version) This is so weird……. My system is:… Read more »

Get back to the latest stable WIN10 release version first.
Then try again to play FWS!

Your insider versions should be installed in a virtual machine, so you can play with them without interfering with your “working system”.

I own a less powered system (i-4790k, GTX980, 32 GB RAM) than you and FSW ist running smooth at “Ultra” settings (were set by default).

don’t bother. Very disappointing – terrible washed out graphics and painful frame rate (12 FPS) on a top of the line system that gives me 45 FPS with P3D maxed out and Orbx.

This software is half baked