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JustSim – Nice and Hamburg in P3D v4

After Luxembourg and Innsbruck, JustSim updated two sceneries more for Prepar3D v4 : Nice Cote d’Azur LFMN in France and Hamburg EDDH in Germany.

Despite their sceneries are already compatible with the latest version of P3D after a manual install, their updates help you with an automatic setup and the addition of dynamic lights  for a smal fee !

During a few days more, JustSim run a sale offer at 20% OFF on all their sceneries.

3 comments to JustSim – Nice and Hamburg in P3D v4

  • Roman Geber

    A “small fee” for a new installer and a lighting upgrade? No.
    Also dropped all JustSim sceneries I had my eyes on from my shopping list.

  • Andrea Benvenuti

    Yeah not excited about it, as 1 the scenery is compatible anyway as suggested, the developer actually only did minor update……

    As much as I understand that the fee is small and development cost, Kudos to other developer who did the same thing for free.

  • Alex

    For a “small fee” you get what until now pretty much every major developer has been offering for free. Thanks Obama.

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