FlyTampa – Boston Logan V4

Taking advantage of the Prepar3D V4 official announcement, FlyTampa shared various preview shots of the next airport scenery : Boston Logan KBOS in its new version.

With dynamic lighting to enable new night effects, new rain and snow effects, the US airport in Massachussets will probably hit the top sales when they release.

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ActiveSky for P3D V4

As popular as it is efficient, Active Sky for P3D V4 fully integrated with enhanced visibility depiction and turbulence effect will come as a free update for all registered customers of the current Active Sky 2016 P3D.

That’s not all, the environment and textures pack Active Sky Cloud Ard will also receive a free […]

FSLabs – Prepar3D V4 Updates News

The hardcore A320-X virtual pilots will, of course, have the right to fly their advanced airliner in Prepar3D V4 soon after its release. Upon its release next week, FSLabs will share the Beta Update to their testers team first, before the wide customers audience receive it. This will be a free update.

More information have […]

Dreamflight Studios – Quito Progress

Just to ensure that they are not forgotten, Dreamflight Studios confirm again the on-going development of Quito SEQM, the international airport of the capital city in Ecuador.

At the same time, they announce the upcoming support of P3D V4 specific features, and free upgrades for their existing sceneries. Nice from them !

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LLH Creations – Meribel V2 Almost Done

Specialist of the French alps altiports, LLH Creation is proud to showcase the next title Meribel in its new version 2.

Located in the middle of the French Alps in Savoie, LFKX scenery was initially made years ago. Now look the big changes shot in Prepar3D.

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MilViz – ATR 72-600 3D Virtual Cockpit

The exciting project of the ATR 72-600 run by MilViz will please the turboprop pilots that wish to fly this beautiful aircraft with the modernized glass cockpit and large displays.

The first glimple of the 3D virtual cockpit is visible in this Facebook preview album.

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Prepar3D V4 – Lockheed Martin Announcement

It’s now official, the version 4 of Prepar3D V4 will be available next Tuesday, May 30th. The new 64bit architecture will break the glass roof that has limited the flight simulator graphics engine for so many years. The increased stability and performance will come along the ability of higher resolution and the integration of more […]

FeelThere – Tower!3D Pro

Tower!3D Pro is the new air traffic control simulation released by FeelThere at simMarket ! Advanced controls, voice recognition, multimonitor support and multiplayer modes are some of the important new functionalities brought in the Pro version.

3 airports are directly included in the base package, and more airports are available as expansions.

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Aerosoft – Mega Airport Singapore X Preview

Among the international hubs that numerous flight sim enthusiasts would like to see as an updated scenery, Singapore Intl WSSS has a nice rank near the top of the list.

Aerosoft is going to make a Mega Airport scenery of it, for FSX and P3D. The first pics uploaded in the Previews Forum reveal the […]

Aeroplane Heaven – DHC-3 Otter

The DHC-3 Otter is a beautiful and efficient aircraft for bush flying, and many of the virtual pilots will certainly be even more excited to read that it’s the popular team of Aeroplane Heaven who is already working on its model for FSX/P3D.

First shots made public of the blank model here.

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