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LHSimulations installers updated for P3D and FSX Steam Edition. Freeware Pécs-Pogány LHPP updated as well. Pacific Islands Sim road map for 2015/2016 : Taipei Taoyuan Int. RCTP (release early 2015), Salt Lake City Int. KSLC, and Beijing Capital Int. ZBAA. Share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window) Click to email this… […]

Cessna Soloy U206G Freeware: Work in Progress

From time to time – unfortunately more and more rarely! – we are offered a freeware jewel. This is the case of a marvellous Cessna U206 converted model with a turbo engine by Soloy. This is a work in progress – not released yet – but you can check the first development steps of this work for FSX/P3D in a video posted in the friendly SimOuthouse forum. Included are a floating version and a 5-blade propeller aircraft, the latter being used for… […]

FTX: NA Monument Valley

…17;t publicly posted advertising shots yet – but Monument Valley, from the same developer as the Yosemite freeware package, Frank Dainese, is now available to purchase. Featuring 20 3d-modelled and photo-textured mountains to accurately recreate the real scenery, you can see all the details that we have here. Share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to… […]

FSX Steam Edition: Updates, Fixes and Comment

…break the application, you can do what you like. You can install the DX10 “fixes”, you can install freeware or payware at will. Just point it to the right place and subject to the limitations mentioned above, it will almost certainly work. A familiar looking folder structure, but note dual executable files The link at the end of the section above proves the point nicely, but if you check the developers’ forums for the add-ons… […]

Terrain “fitting” service from toposim

…(ATAPs). Now available are Geary Ranch (CO65), Westcliffe CO, Harriet Alexander Field, Salida CO, and a 2-fer-1 freeware product Knox Landing (15NK) – Basher Field (NY00), Sardinia NY. Toposim, a new venture in flightsim add-on development providing custom terrain mesh solutions and services to flightsim add-on publishers, authors, and regular simmers. The flat-airport limitation in the FSX/P3D platform has long tormented developers and simmers a… […]

HJG add 30 new classic liveries

Freeware classic jet organisation Historic Jetliners Group have issued another website update notification, this time documenting 30 new texture releases for their extensive model line-up. “HJG (Historic Jetliners Group) have just added yet another 30 new and high-quality texture files to its extensive virtual flightline of quality FS freeware. Among these latest releases are some rare and interesting hybrids, colourfiul classics, along w… […]

LICJ Freeware for FSX/P3D now available

We’ve mentioned the Palermo scenery of the Flight Simulator Italian Airport Development Team a couple of times recently, well now it is available to download for MS FSX and Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D v2.4 from their website, here. The packages – individually downloadable for each sim platform – come with self installers and a long list of features, which can be found on the page linked above. Sh… […]

SimLauncherX freeware to download

Doing much more than its name suggests, the SimLauncher application by Maarten Boelens has become part of many FSX/P3D users’ toolboxes and has now been updated with a new release version, entitled SimLauncherX. The most obvious change from the previous version is a completely redesigned User Interface, but support has also been added for P3Dv1.x and v2.x, plus additional functionality has been included: – interactive map – di… […]

Akesoft – Granada X Project

Akesoft is a Spanish team who made freeware and payware sceneries, to please the simmers looking for detailed airports in Spain. On their to-do list, they have added Granada X (LEGR) which is actually not just a target, but an advanced scenery under progress. Share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window) Click to email… […]

LICJ Freeware release date announced

The Flight Simulator Italian Airports Development Team (FSIADT) have sent out the final (hopefully!) beta of their Palermo Airport (LICJ) scenery for MS FSX and L-M P3D to testers. With the b0.95 RC1 test release of the package having been downloaded around 3000 times, the team of four developers have now added additional features including: – Functional Safegate for FSX (unfortunaly P3D doesn’t support the technology we’ve us… […]