Drzewiecki Polish Airports vol.1 V4 ready !

Get the version 4 of Polish Airports volume 1 at simMarket right now ! Bundled in a simple pack, EPKT Katowice-Pyrzowice, EPGD Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa, EPRZ Rzeszów and EPLB Lublin are highly detailed either for FSX/P3D or for FS2004.

Drzewiecki Design detailed the features of each airport scenery, and if you own the previous version […]

FS2crew – 7 new Flight Officer voices set for Aerosoft Airbus

Renew your flight crew voices in the Aerosoft Airbus if you combine it with FS2Crew.

The new voice set has 7 new flight officers coming from North America, Germany, Italy, Asia.. and more regions of the world. This is an optional expansion to the FS2Crew Aerosoft Airbus Series Edition.

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FSLabs – A320-X public release !

The highly awaited A320-X from FSLabs is now available for purchase by everyone interested in the most advanced Airbus simulation ever for FSX/FSX:SE.

Only P3D customers have to wait some more before they can fly it. Anyway, FSLabs announced earlier that they will also offer cross-upgrade reduced price if you get it now for FSX, […]

Just Trains – Western Mainlines

In this package, you get three connected routes at once, for Train Simulator 2016.

Just Trains modelled 60 stations along these routes between Paddington and Bristol, Bristol and Cardiff, and Bristol to Exeter. A total of 300 miles are now ready for you with 16 standard scenarios. Note that you may need the payware “European […]

FS2Crew testers for Aerosoft Airbus v3

Working on the third version of FS2Crew for Aerosoft Airbus, the developers announce that they need more testers for it.

This new version will bring support for the Global Flight Officer voice pack that FS2Crew recently made public.

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BDOaviation – Liège International Airport EBLG Review


As a Belgian myself, I’m glad to reviewing my second Belgian airport this year. This time, BDOaviation’s Liège Airport, released at the end of April this year. Let’s take a look!

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FS2Crew – Global Voice Set Expansion Pack released

In the original FS2Crew Dash 8 Q400 Bundle Pack, there are 3 three voice sets in English, the European, the British and the American.

To vary your flight officer voices along your numerous flights onboard the Majestic Q400, FS2Crew sells now the optional Global Voice Set Expansion Pack that adds 7 new voices from […]

Now a tram in OMSI 2 !

For the first time in OMSI 2, your task is now to drive a tram from Essen to Gelsenkirchen in Germany.

You will have to follow real timetables to transport your passengers at the max speed of 70 km/h.

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Tropicalsim – Rio de Janeiro 2016 SBGL FSX P3D FS9

Tropicalsim decided to reproduce the new constructions built in real life at Rio de Janeiro SBGL to receive the visitors of the upcoming Olympic Games 2016.

The new South Pier will be now displayed in your simulator too, with its 26 jet bridges. The SODE animated jetways are also included as an option. Registered […]

SXAirportDesign – Aeroflex-Andover & Trinca airports

It’s a great value pack that includes 2 airports at once. Both Aeroflex-Andover and Trinca airports are located near New York, in New York.

In order to setup the seasonal photoreal textures according to your wish SXAirportDesign added a specific tool to manage that option.

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