Aerosoft Official – Berlin Tegel X 2016

Berlin Tegel from Aerosoft isn’t far from release but in real life it will one day be closed as there is that famous not yet opened airport. Untill then this is a video on the soon to be released airport.

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Aerosoft Official Aspen Extended Trailer

Aerosoft recently released Aspen Extended very nice location and one of those airports that is considered not easy to land at.

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ORBX – Stockholm Arlanda

It’s been available for a while and I came to it to make a video on this location created by ORBX Stockholm Arlanda. Summer is almost here 🙂

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Aerosoft Santiago SCEL Released (X-Plane 10)

Aerosoft are back with another X-Plane 10 release this month over on the simMarket store. Judging by the previews, it appears to be of very high quality and certainly worth a look. To get your copy, or for more information simply visit the store page.

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FlyTampa Corfu Review


If there are scenery developers that hardly need an introduction, FlyTampa is certainly on the list. In this review, I’ll be taking a look at their newest offering: Corfu.

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New addons for OMSI 2

In both new addons for OMSI 2, you get new buses with articulated variants, and editable front band displays to match the bus you drive.

Various liveries and paintings are included but more important, they have realistic doors, stop request button with accurate sounds.

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Arizona DLC preview for ATS

After California and Nevada, the US truckers simming with American Truck Simulator will drive in Arizona too.

SCS Software think they will need like 2 months of work before this free DLC gets out.

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Alabeo – PA23 Aztec F 250 FSX P3D

It’s normal to feel an iresistible force that makes you wanna fly the beautiful PA23 Aztec F 250 when you load the screenshots of Alabeo.

Once loaded in P3D, FSX, or FSX:SE, you can select to start up from a dark and cold state as an option. And note that you can also integrate the […]

Train and trucks sim news

Train Simulator 2016 addons list has just been expanded with a new US route : Feather River Canyon featuring about 90 miles of railways, with numerous bridges and tunnels to cross Sierra Nevada, in California.

One of their futur train addons, will be the Shangai Maglev so you can experience the magnetic levitation line. […]

Toposim honors FSGenesis Galaxy Lifetime Membership

Toposim Continents is a new production line beside the Airport Terrain Adjustment Packs (ATAPs) available to fix terrain anomalies that you will find at their new website and store :

Founded by the same developer and manager of FSGenesis, Toposim will honor Galaxy Lifetime Membership. You just need to register.

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