Islander sound set from Synchro-Soft

This latest package from Synchro-Soft covers the Britten Norman BN-2 Islander, offering replacement sounds for the type in FSX. The package is available here, while if you like to look of the video and want the aircraft to go with the sounds, the Flight1 BN2 Islander is also available at simMarket.

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Version 3 of FSLoadmaster

FSLoadMaster from PegasusWeb is an inexpensive, stand-alone, tool, allowing you to calculate fuel burn – and thus loading – for a wide variety of aircraft in the FS world.

A new update to version 3, which is free to existing users, brings three new aircraft profiles, direct load of performance data from MSFS titles, an […]

New content for FSX SE

According to its Steam page, “Ultimate VFR Guam is designed to be the ultimate in high detail photo scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition.” With 1.2m/pixel resolution photo textures, 3m mesh, differing street lighting effects for light types, plus many custom models, the Mission Aware Technologies designed scenery may well live up […]

Cleared to Taxi2Gate Seattle

With the usual array of features including custom buildings, ground textures, lights, grass and more that you’d expect from Taxi2Gate, their latest release covers Washington State’s famous Seattle Tacoma International Airport (KSEA) for FSX.

If you want to look around, even the terminal interiors have been modelled and you can find out more by […]

A2A Texan officially in “active development”

With questions constantly cropping up about what’s next from their hangar, plus a little reticence to announce projects which then have to be shelved, A2A Simulations have announced that the T-6 Texan trainer has entered “active development”.

Announced as a potential project some time ago, along with the PA-44 Seminole, the T-6 is stated […]

AH Announce L-10 Electra

At their Facebook Page, Aeroplane Heaven have announced the development of a Lockheed Model 10 Electra, for FSX and P3D.

It has been noted by several users that the model of a classic aircraft includes modern gauges in the WiP images, but a post here at SOH states that they are for test purposes […]

OMSI 2 – Chicago Downtown future addon

OMSI 2 is the most popular bus driving simulation, and there are already a few addons available, to add either articulated buses, or to enhance the traffic.

Another addon for Chicago Downtown will be published near the end of June according to Aerosoft.

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Carenado’s Commander

Presented earlier today via their social media feeds and with pictures now available on their website‘s “Incoming Projects” page, it looks like Carenado have been listening to the community – they’ve announced an Aero Commander 500.

At present, all the screenshots show the partially complete model shown above, but we suspect a lot of […]

A quartet of new releases

It’s all about FSX and P3D at simMarket today, with the addition of four new products – three sceneries and one adventure pack.

Hot on the heels of part 2 comes Rolling Cumulus Software‘s – Air Corps Ferry Command WW2 Episode 3….The Last Leg!!! To Victory (FSX only), including an offer that if you […]

FS2Crew for the Triple 7 gets an update

FS2Crew have also got some PMDG news today, in the form of version 1.5 of their package for the Boeing 777 series.

The new version brings, as you might note from the video, a French flight crew, as well as bug fixes and enhancements. If you already own the FS2Crew 777 package, then it’s […]