Toposim honors FSGenesis Galaxy Lifetime Membership

Toposim Continents is a new production line beside the Airport Terrain Adjustment Packs (ATAPs) available to fix terrain anomalies that you will find at their new website and store :

Founded by the same developer and manager of FSGenesis, Toposim will honor Galaxy Lifetime Membership. You just need to register.

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New Virtavia releases at simMarket

Today, specialists of military aircraft, Virtavia, adds the following titles to their simMarket stock : AJ-2 Savage for FSX shipping with 3 models and 5 liveries or for FSX Steam Edition.

There’s also a separate DLC for those who want to expand their AJ-2 Savage in FSX:SE only with 2 models (AJ-2B tanker and AJ-2P […]

FSFX – 737 Immersion

New effects will be added to your PMDG 737 NGX when you install FSFX 737 Immersion.

It works with different simulators (P3D, FSX, FSX:Se), and you will be enchanted by the visuals depending on the weather conditions : wing condensation, contrails, volumetric lighting, engine start-up smoke…

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JetStream Designs Palermo

Now with this warm winter, at least here in the low lands, we are already looking forward to the summer. JetStream Designs has released Palermo a while ago and this location was worth a video as I liked it a lot!

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MegaScenery Earth 4X Florida

MegaScenery Earth has started to develop and release their new generation photoreal sceneries of US States.

The entire state of Florida is covered of ultra high resolution photoreal terrain. The download product is made of 46 Gb split in 24 files.

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ORBX/FTX – Friday Harbor Video

As we all know, if you fly FSX, this is the location you will spawn in in mid air. Turbulent Designs have recreated this iconic location for FSX:SE and now it’s also already available for FSX and P3D. Have a look at this scenery.

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Jetstream Designs – Palermo LICJ v1.1 update

The latest scenery of Jetstream Designs in Italy, Palermo LICJ, goes to version 1.1.

In this update, the included fixes change the ILS/DME Frequency, and cancel the risk of crash when you park at the gate near the terminal.

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B767 Takeoff Performance Calculator

Before you fly a 767, a useful utility appeared at simMarket store : the B767 Takeoff Performance Calculator computes the V Speeds reference according to your flaps settings, your airport runway and the assumed temperature.

The author Nikola Jovanovic has other specific programs for more aircraft types : Boeing 737, 787, 777..

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Tropicalsim – SBFN Fernando Noronha

Fernando Noronha is an archipelago of the Atlantic Ocean, located at about 195 nm from continental Brazil coastlines. To look for the AF447 crash location, rescue teams were launched from that place to looked for the crash location in May 2009.

Today, Tropicalsim sell its airport SBFN for all the following simulators : FSX, P3D […]

M-2000C Radar functionality video in DCS by RAZBAM

Beside their P3D and FSX aircraft products line, Razbam group is also developing for DCS Military flight simulator.

Their advanced M-2000C will feature realistic systems and avionics, among which of them the radar will be included and functional as you can see.

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