FlyTampa Corfu

FlyTampa released Corfu a little over a week ago. Here’s another video on this location. Since it’s getting really cold I would jump in and head over there to enjoy some sun.

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OMSI 2 – Add-on Vienna 1 & 2

The actual streets and buildings of Vienna in Austria have been reproduced along the bus lines featured in the new addons for OMSI 2.

In Vienna 1, it’s the line 24A, while Vienna 2 installs the line 23A, Get them at once in the bundle or separately, and drive the realistic buses in the […]

VRS – Superbug and TacPack in P3Dv2 Reviewed


For the last couple of years, anybody interested in military aviation in FSX hasn’t been able to get around Vertical Reality Simulations’ F/A-18E Superbug for its attention to detail, or their TacPack module for how it brings weapons to a sim that wasn’t designed to handle them. A couple of months ago, they released both […]

North London Line for TS 2016

Dovetail Games has another English route expansion released for their Train Simulator 2016 : North London Line is introduced with beautiful commercial screenshots.

You’ll read more detailed information and the complete features list at their blog

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Aerosoft Preview Digital Aviation CRJ

Aerosoft is still working on the CRJ. The beta is being fully tested and during this time I thought doing a landing at Flightbeams KSFO would be a nice little teaser 😉

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FSIA Flight Simulator First Officer Lite Edition

Here comes a new tool to install a virtual copilot in the seat beside yours. The simulated first officer is able to control your aircraft to help you with safety checks, if you set up correctly or not the landing gear, flaps, the reversers depending of your flight stage.

Speed calls, alerts, and VATSIM messages […]

Aerosoft Official L`Aeroporto di Roma-Fiumicino “Leonardo da Vinci”

Aerosoft has already released Rome so go get your copy if you haven’t already!

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Aerosoft /I.D.S. Preview Lynden Pindling International Airport

I.D.S. is working on Lynden Pindling International Airport and here’s a quick preview on the scenery. Remember W.I.P.

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New addons prepared for TS 2016

Just a few weeks ago, Dovetail Games released the new Train Simulator 2016, and they are now reporting information about two of their current projects to be released soon.

The first one is a US route, North Jersey Coast Line, to rely New York City metropolitan area to the Northern Jersey Shore. The route […]

OMSI 2 – Add-on Berlin x10

The lucky bus drivers in OMSI 2 can expand again their playground, to Berlin.

The Berlin X10 pack includes 18 bus lines, and is 60km long. Drive between the numerous bus stations with the new MAN double-decker DL05. Select either the download or box product.

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