Aerosoft /I.D.S. Preview Lynden Pindling International Airport

I.D.S. is working on Lynden Pindling International Airport and here’s a quick preview on the scenery. Remember W.I.P.

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New addons prepared for TS 2016

Just a few weeks ago, Dovetail Games released the new Train Simulator 2016, and they are now reporting information about two of their current projects to be released soon.

The first one is a US route, North Jersey Coast Line, to rely New York City metropolitan area to the Northern Jersey Shore. The route […]

OMSI 2 – Add-on Berlin x10

The lucky bus drivers in OMSI 2 can expand again their playground, to Berlin.

The Berlin X10 pack includes 18 bus lines, and is 60km long. Drive between the numerous bus stations with the new MAN double-decker DL05. Select either the download or box product.

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Aerosoft Official – Mega Airport Zurich V2.0

Aerosoft released Zurich 2.0.

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FlightBeam – KSFO HD v2 release set for tomorrow

FlightBeam Studios just revealed they set the public release of KSFO HD V2 : September 15th at 12:00pm PST.

I predict many airplanes flying in and around San Francisco on Wednesday morning, at Greenwich time !

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ORBX Eagle County Regional Airport

ORBX released Eagle County Regional Airport a few weeks ago. More than one video’s appeared and here’s one of them.

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Donationware : Solomon Islands X

You won your tickets to Solomon Islands close to Papua New Guinea in Oceania.

Say thanks to Emerald Scenery Design, their donationware scenery works with both FSX and P3D. It will receive more updates as the development is not finished, but it’s already available as Beta. All the paradisiac islands have been modelled with custom […]

Aerosoft “Thunder” gets TacPacked

A new “Major Update” newly released for the Aerosoft English Electric Lightning brings the package to version 2.0, adding support for VRS TacPack, plus a number of other updates and additions.

The TacPack integration includes support for both missiles and guns, as well as adding a radar screen and collimating the HUD. Fixes and […]

Aircraft Factory – P-51H High Performance Mustang FSX

Similar to the P-51D, the H variant received flight surfaces and tank modifications to allow an improved flight performance.

Aircraft Factory‘s model flies accurately and uses A2A Accu Feel advanced features.

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Aerosoft Official – Flamingo Airport – Bonaire X

Aerosoft will release Flamingo Airport (Bonaire) real soon now. Here’s a video on the location to get you all excited.

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