Italian Scenery Upgrades

If the recently released Simple Missions captured your fancy then you may want to check out these other new releases, covering scenery for Italy, as well.

Scenery Studio have covered the city of Florence (Firenze), the capital of Tuscany, and its airport, Peretola, in an updated single package for FSX and P3D. Version 3 […]

Alabeo announces Titan Project

Alabeo‘s newest announcement is the C404 Titan – a large, piston twin, often used as an air taxi, feederliner or in areas where load factors don’t justify a larger aircraft.

Also acting as an airborne photography platform, offshore patrol aircraft, air ambulance and more, you can see more of their work in progress on […]

DCS World – Hawk T1 plus updates

The banner for the latest DCS World newsletter shows the primary announcement – the addition of the VEAO Hawk T.1A to the online store in addition to the developers’ website.

Costing $39.99 and currently in open beta, the Hawk’s release is joined in the general update by patches for DCS World itself, FC3, the […]


At their Facebook page, Flight Simulator Italian Airports Development Team have announced and uploaded a number of previews of their next project – Rome Ciampino (LIRA), for FSX and P3D.

Featuring both military and civilian airport areas, you can follow progress at the link above.

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Ultimate Terrain X Europe version 2.0

Scenery Solutions, through Flight1 Software, have released version 2 of the Ultimate Terrain X package covering the continent of Europe.

The package has been ‘designed from the ground up’ to take advantages of the capabilities of the host FSX, FSX SE or P3D package. Click “read more” for full information.

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New Screenshots of Rotatesim MD-80

The in development MD-80 “Mad Dog” for X-Plane from Rotatesim can now be previewed at the developers’ website, with 7 screenshots uploaded to this page.

While the developers say that some flaws may still be visible, the intent is that “you can now fully appreciate where we are headed“.

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Napoleonic scenery for FSX – soon!

The screenshot above shows RF scenerybuilding‘s upcoming Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte airport (LFKJ), coming soon for FSX and P3D.

The developers have provided a list of featues that you can expect from the scenery, formerly known as Campo del’Oro, but now renamed after the island of Corsica’s most famous inhabitant, which you can read by […]

Disarmed Assault 3

If you’re an owner of Bohemia Interactive’s Armed Assault 3 and finding yourself getting shot-up or shot-down so often that it’s no longer fun, you might want to check out the “Pilot (Rescue)” missions by RobJ, for a chance to explore the island of Altis as a civilian Search and Rescue pilot.

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REALign from Nuvecta

If you’re finding that the misaligned and incorrectly positioned default airfields of FSX and P3D are a problem then you’re not alone – nuvecta, publishers of the Treeline North America packages, have discovered the same thing and their response is “REALign“, a series of free to download airfield corrections, currently covering 10 US states.


Chengdu – Suining High Speed Route Add-On

Developed by Just Trains, the Chengdu-Suining High Speed rail route is the latest release for Train Simulator 2015, either as a direct installation version on Steam, or available as a download version, with or without an additional CRH380D HST, at JustTrains’ own web store.

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