Alaskan “Final Frontier” version 10… in XP10

Alaska has been a draw for simulated pilots for about as long as it has been available to visit. With many communities only reachable by air, sea, or long mountain and forest hikes, the area is reliant on bush aircraft to live at all and commercial air travel for communication [...]

Drzewiecki Design – Tallinn preview

It’s not the first time we report here about Drzewiecki Design – Tallinn EETN airport development, but it may be necessary to remind you that this project will include the city in 3D, and that the screenshots found in their forum have been taken from FS9. The final product will be also compatible with FSX [...]

Faster than its shadow…

We are referring to the just released Aerosoft´s Berlin-Brandenburg Airport since the real airport will open not before 2016. This latest Aerosoft Mega Airport series release is for FSX only, with the Prepar3D version to follow soon, free of charge for the owners of the FSX version. This airport was designed using the latest scenery [...]

Alabeo’s PiperSport released

Alabeo‘s little LSA PiperSport is now available to purchase via their webstore, for MS FSX and L-M P3D.

With 5 “HD” liveries, two models (single or two pilots) and the option to use either Alabeo’s or the RXP GNS530, on the panel, you can pick up a copy via the Alabeo site.

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FSTramp – P3D v2.2 compatible

Version 5.4 of Helge Schroeder‘s FSTramp navigation module is now available to download from major freeware sites, with the announcement from the developer that the latest version is now compatible with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2.2 as well as FSX SP2/Acceleration.

The time limited shareware application runs within FSX/P3D (not currently fullscreen compatible) and provides navigational [...]

King Abdul Aziz Airport from BDO Aviation

Serving the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, BDO Aviation‘s latest release is King Abdul Aziz International Airport (OEJN/JED), located on the Saudi West Coast and principal gateway to the country for the annual Islamic Hajj Pilgrimage.

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FTX NA Region Pack Updates

Three of Orbx‘s North American area sceneries received updates at the weekend, with service packs available for Northern Rocky Mountains (NRM – SP4), Central Rockies (CRM – SP3) and Pacific Fjords (PFJ – pictured above – SP4).

The downloads for all three areas, which are currently only for FSX and P3D v1.4, can [...]

SSG 747i updated with Service Pack 2

SSG‘s Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental for X-Plane 10 has been updated with a new service pack, by the developers.

Version 1.03 (Service Pack 2) brings a large number of changes and improvements, which can be found by clicking “Read More“.

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TS2014 New York – New Haven, Now out

Fans of Dovetail Games’ Train Simulator 2014, most specifically its US routes, may well wish to add this latest release to their collection – New York – New Haven, covering Amtrak services between NY’s Grand Central & Penn Stations with New Haven in Connecticut. It also has the slightly irrelevant distinction of being the only [...]

Orbx Yakutat released, SAK updated

To coincide with the release of the latest airport from Orbx, Yakutat (PAYA), pictured above, the developers have updated the area scenery that it sits within, Southern Alaska (SAK), adding both Service Pack 3 and direct support for Prepar3D v2.2, in the form of a shared ‘triple’ installer for FSX, P3D 1.4 and P3D2.2.

Yakutat [...]