FSLabs A320-X for P3D V4.1 Online

If you are not at home when you read this, you’ll hurry up I bet : Flight Sim Labs A320-X update for P3D V4.1 is ready for download !

The already impressive changelog is not even the one of the upcoming Service Pack 1. Later, they will release the A319-X.

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QualityWings 787 Released For FSX

The wait is over. The QualityWings Ultimate 787 Collection is now available for FSX. What’s included ? Both 787-8/900 series, with their respective virtual cockpit differences, and two engines variants, General Electirc and Rolls Royce with their custom soundset.

Among the systems advanced features, we can note the SID/STARs, Airport Display and the electronic normal […]

PMDG – DC-6 Cloudmaster (P3D) Review

In June 2016, PMDG released the Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster for X-Plane, their first foray into that platform. Early in the summer of 2017, the same classic airplane was released for FSX and P3D. Quite a bit different from the Boeing airliners PMDG released the last couple of years, so let’s see how they did.

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American Truck Simulator – New Mexico DLC Albuquerque Preview

Next DLC for American Truck Simulator is a map expansion that will cover the whole state of New Mexico.

Albuquerque city will be represented with numerous highways and a complex stack interchange.

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SCS Software – Italy DLC in development

After Going East, Scandinavia and France, the next official map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2 will be Italy.

Released about 5 years ago, the truck driving simmers still make a very active community. It’s probably due to SCS Software who regulary improved their simulation with free updates and released beside American Truck Simulator with […]

Aerosoft – Antarctica P3D V4 Update

The whole continent of Antarctica is covered with a custom landclass, and custom bases are also modelled in this advanced and wide scenery.

The installer version 1.30 of Antarctica X supports now P3D V4.

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Just Flight – HS 748 Propliner FSX P3D

At the parking, the HS 748 Propliner of Just Flight has a ground power unit, flags and chocks. Use the airstair to get in, and enter the virtual cockpit so you can seat in front of the 3D gauges.

The designers spent time in recreating the wear and tear effects on the cockpit textures, […]

Positiongames – FSXFollow Updated

Positiongames inform the simmers community that their flight tracker iOS app, FSXFollow, has been updated for P3D V4 compatibility.

The new client software should be downloaded from here, and watch this video for the introduction of the new features.

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FS2Crew – PMDG 747 QOTS II is Online

After a long wait, it’s finally available for purchase : PMDG pilots flying with the 747 Queen Of The Sky II can now add FS2Crew on top of it.

Three voice sets and numerous pilots briefings, checklists announcements, callouts and other cabin sounds are included to reproduce the daily operations with realistic standard airline duties […]

American Truck Simulator – New Mexico Closed Beta

SCS Software announce on their blog the closed Beta stage of New Mexico map expansion has started for American Truck Simulator.

With special efforts on the custom landscape and assets of buildings, the upocming DLC will be ready for purchase when the tests phase ends.

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