Tropicalsim – Rio de Janeiro 2016 SBGL FSX P3D FS9

Tropicalsim decided to reproduce the new constructions built in real life at Rio de Janeiro SBGL to receive the visitors of the upcoming Olympic Games 2016.

The new South Pier will be now displayed in your simulator too, with its 26 jet bridges. The SODE animated jetways are also included as an option. Registered […]

SXAirportDesign – Aeroflex-Andover & Trinca airports

It’s a great value pack that includes 2 airports at once. Both Aeroflex-Andover and Trinca airports are located near New York, in New York.

In order to setup the seasonal photoreal textures according to your wish SXAirportDesign added a specific tool to manage that option.

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A2A Simulations – T-6 Texan Review


After doing 4 general aviation trainers/touring aircraft, A2A Simulations is back with a WWII era model, namely the North American T-6 Texan. Let’s see how A2A tackled this old trainer.

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Orlando and Key West for Tower! 2011

Instead of flying the aircraft as usual, change your seat to the tower controller position.

FeelThere adds two new airports as expansions for Tower!2011 : Orlando KMCO and Key West KEWR.

For the same simulator, it exists plenty of Real Color addons to introduce the real airlines liveries in the airports top view.

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REX Sky Force 3D

REX Released a video of their new Sky Force 3D … who would have thought that the weather couldn’t get any better? Take a look and judge it yourself.

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PMDG released their DC-6 for X-Plane

PMDG made available their Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster pack for X-Plane, but for Windows based users. The simmers using Mac OS will need a bit of patience as the tests have not been completed yet.

The developers team also announce that this aircraft will be adapted to FSX and P3D platform, but this will certainly need […]

Aerosoft – Alta X Review


At the end of March, Aerosoft released their latest and northern most offering for Norway: Alta X. Considering previous releases from the same developers in this region, expectations are high. So let’s take a look!

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More US airports for Tower! 2011

Las Vegas KLAS, Dallas KDFW, Washington Dulles KIAD, and Phoenix KPHD, get Real Color packages for Tower! 2011.

Adding a Real Color package for a selected airport installs realistic airlines liveries on the airplanes you see in the ATC software of Feelthere.

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Justsim – Varna Bulgaria LBWN in X-Plane too

Just as they did with their first products, Justsim adapted their latest Varna Bulgaria LBWN scenery to X-Plane 10, beside the FSX/P3D product.

In Laminar Research flight simulator, the airport near the Dead Sea coast in Bulgario also gets the numerous Autogen objects, the animated ground services vehicles. Note it’s compatible with X-Life traffic.

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Simcoders enhance Carenado Bonanza V35

Simcoders hit the stores again with another Reality Expansion pack, this time for Carenado’s Bonanza V35 in X-Plane 10.

Combine the advanced visuals and beautiful 3D model with the realistic simulation of the engine, the flight and ground dynamics, complex damages system brought by Simcoders.

You need first Carendo Bonanza V35 for X-Plane, and the […]