Disarmed Assault 3

If you’re an owner of Bohemia Interactive’s Armed Assault 3 and finding yourself getting shot-up or shot-down so often that it’s no longer fun, you might want to check out the “Pilot (Rescue)” missions by RobJ, for a chance to explore the island of Altis as a civilian Search and Rescue pilot.

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REALign from Nuvecta

If you’re finding that the misaligned and incorrectly positioned default airfields of FSX and P3D are a problem then you’re not alone – nuvecta, publishers of the Treeline North America packages, have discovered the same thing and their response is “REALign“, a series of free to download airfield corrections, currently covering 10 US states.


Chengdu – Suining High Speed Route Add-On

Developed by Just Trains, the Chengdu-Suining High Speed rail route is the latest release for Train Simulator 2015, either as a direct installation version on Steam, or available as a download version, with or without an additional CRH380D HST, at JustTrains’ own web store.

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DCS World update and MiG-15bis

February’s newsletter for DCS World users comes with news of an update to version 1.2.15, plus the release of the DCS: MiG-15bis module for the combat “study-sim”.

Also included is news that DCS World 2 is “nearing a point where [it] will be available for a public, alpha release”, as well as progress on […]

MCE Adds Maddog 2010 Pro

FS++ have announced a further update to their Multi-Crew Experience package to include detailed support for the Leonardo (LSH) Maddog 2010 Pro MD-82 simulator add-on.

MCE allows pilots to interact with a virtual co-pilot to operate numerous aircraft, as well as communicating with ATC and other features, all of which you can find on […]

Aerobask – Antares 20E Glider X-Plane 10

The Antares 20E produced by Aerobask loads Lithium-ion batteries and a 42 kW electric motor to self-launch the glider up to 10’000 ft !

Once sitted, the virtual pilot will appreciate the reflections on the canopy, the functional virtual cockpit, and the flexible wings.

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Aerosoft offer an “Adrenaline” rush

Any child of the 80s is already humming the Airwolf tune after seeing that image above, but although it’s not Hawke and Santini you’ll be playing in Flight Tales II for MS FSX, Aerosoft do hope that it’ll get your adrenal glands working overtime.

The add-on comprises 16 missions including combat training, rescue, fights […]

FSDG Sceneries for FS9/FSX/P3D

Updated from the 2012 versions, FlightSim Development Group‘s Djerba, Sharm-el-Sheikh (video above) and their free Oresund X sceneries are all now available, compatible with FSX and Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D. The two airport sceneries, but not Oresund, are also compatible with FS9/2004.

Existing customers will get a free upgrade to the new versions by simply redownloading […]

FlyTampa’s Toronto Pearson released

The latest city covered by FlyTampa‘s creation is Toronto, in Ontario, Canada.

The airport itself, named after Lester Bowles Pearson, Canada’s 14th Prime Minister and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, is the largest and busiest in the country. The scenery comes with 3d terrain including tunnels and bridges, 3d animated ground workers, numerous custom […]

Solipaste Teisko on sale

As the banner says, you can find a lake near Teisko in Finland for any occasion – or at least developer Solipaste is trying to!

To celebrate Valentines Day, you can save 20% until February 15th, when you go to seek out that little heart-shaped lake for yourself in their EFTS Teisko Airfield scenery […]