Editorial: That’s a bit cheeky, Microsoft!

Many users of Microsoft operating systems just tend to set their updates to ‘automatic’, or click install on anything ‘recommended’ or ‘important’ without looking what the update actually does.

Sometimes, the result of this can be downright dangerous – updates have, in the past, disabled hardware or software and, on rare occasions, made your OS […]

Need to cool off a little?

Pretty much every PC user over the years has experienced problems caused by heat build up in their system. How many, though, actually delve into the problem beyond de-clogging fans and vents occasionally?

Topskills author Bill Stack was suffering from problems caused by excessive overheating, but went a little further than the internet’s combined […]

FSX Steam Edition: Updates, Fixes and Comment

It’s hard to write about a new release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, as if there was ever a topic that’s been beaten to death more than once, it’s a list of the advantages and flaws of the “final proper part of the MSFS franchise”. FSX is a title that refuses to die, though, […]

P3D2: FSX on Steroids?

“Here’s much to do with hate, but more with love. Why then, O brawling love! O loving hate!”

This passage of Romeo and Juliet illustrates well that quite often the antonyms love/hate walk together to describe the same feeling. How this applies to flightsim? Indeed it does! Let us analyse for example the binomial FSX […]

Aviation and Aviators Literature

Aviators’ careers are quite demanding, technically and otherwise. They are supposed to master disciplines such as Aerodynamics, Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, etc., and therefore they need a sound scientific background. It is common for those whose knowledge embarks different disciplines to have also interests in other fields, such as art, music, literature, […]

Hypothetical Hubs – Oriental Operations

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, in zoological terms, the term “oriental” refers to “relating to or denoting a zoogeographical region comprising Asia south of the Himalayas and Indonesia west of Wallace’s line.” – the latter, if you are interested, cuts down between Borneo and Sulawesi, Bali and Lombok. We’ll allow you to spread a […]

Hypthetical Hubs: Water, Water, Everywhere!

We haven’t done one of these for a while – not because we’ve run out of ideas already, but rather just because other things have taken precedence. Sorry about that. However, here’s one suitable for everyone, regardless of preferred type of aircraft or region of the world to fly in. Unless you are aquaphobic, I […]

Robert’s on a roll at Chicago

Things don’t always go according to plan, do they? That goes double when other people are involved and double again when there’s a wall in the way.

Robert Graf‘s continued efforts in the DOM-GNL (German NASCAR League) of iRacing ended with a bit of a bang this time. Thankfully, only a few pixels were seriously […]

Some light Sunday reading

We thought you might be interested in reading this article, which the Wall Street Journal published yesterday about home cockpit enthusiasts and their rigs.

As the article says, although some home cockpit builders’ friends and family think they are mad and wasting money, others are amazed at what their partners/friends have created in their garages […]

AeroflyFS Crash testing

Hopefully, by now, most of the people who have been even slightly interested in AeroflyFS will have visited the site, read the information and review(s), weighed up the pros and cons and decided whether it’s for them or not. Whether you’re in that group or not, here’s a little something to either add to the […]