Winds Everywhere

From time to time one finds sites that are really neat! This is the case of the just launched and really interesting Czech Windyty site. It shows a dynamic graphical depiction of winds, temperatures, pressures, clouds and humidity around the world using real-world data from different sites. It has nice and useful features namely it […]

Aerosoft – Ice Bucket Challenge

As you know Ice Bucket Challenge thing, it’s coming up to Flight Simulator world.

Aerosoft got nominated by Dovetail Games (Train Simulator). Just check out their video! It’s now Flight1, Astragon and TML Studios who have now to take up the IBC.

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Hypothetical Hubs – Oriental Operations

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, in zoological terms, the term “oriental” refers to “relating to or denoting a zoogeographical region comprising Asia south of the Himalayas and Indonesia west of Wallace’s line.” – the latter, if you are interested, cuts down between Borneo and Sulawesi, Bali and Lombok. We’ll allow you to spread a […]

Google Street View to visit airports

Google Street View is mainly used to provide pictures taken from a car driven along roads and in cities centers.

This service aims also to visit public locations like train stations.. and airports ! London Gatwick, Mexico City DF, Eindhoven, Barcelona, Mallorca, Madrid, Malaga, Tenerife, Alicante are just the few ones available for now. We […]

Hypothetical Hubs… dusty destinations?

So… We got a few responses to our last try at doing this, so let’s do it again, shall we? The idea is that you have a starting point, an aircraft type and a rule to fly to. You choose the destination and, if you please, tell us why you’d choose it?

If you don’t […]

Turboprop vs. Turbofan

Real world airlines tell us that on short routes turboprop aircraft are just as fast as jets. I’ve done the same analysis in FS to see if this is true and valuable information for virtual airlines.

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Flight Performance Analysis: A320 or B737-800

The question of which aircraft to use, the A320 or B737, is on the minds of real airlines. We’re going to take it to the virtual aviation world and put these two aircraft to the test and see which one is better for your VA.

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Modding the CH Products Flight Yoke

The CH Products Flight Sim Yoke has been on the market for many years and a popular device for control input. A gentleman by the name of Dave Nunez decided to give a go on a few modifications. He outlined the work he did in this blog post. The resistance reduction mod looks particularly […]

Flight Simulation and Twitter

As Twitter has gained traction in just about every segment of the online world these days, I thought that I would share some twitter accounts that may be worthy of following within the flight simulation community.

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Top Gun versus FSX