Microsoft Flight servers shutdown soon

October14th 2014 is the day planned by Microsoft to shutdown the servers of Flight. In facts, the multiplayer mode and various features of the game that was still for sale two years ago won’t be accessible anymore.

Only the offline single player mode will remain, for its most part, working. After a short FAQ, […]

More news about Microsoft flight simulator

We have now heard directly from reliable sources, who have requested to remain undisclosed, that the ‘franchise’ sold recently by Microsoft is not that of FSX, but rather that of the newer “MSFlight“. We also learned that an official annoucement is to be expected soon, from the purchaser of the license.

This entity, which we […]

Bid farewell to Flight’s DLC as store set to close

Not many will mourn its passing, but when the PC Marketplace closes next Thursday, users of Microsoft’s Flight sim will no longer be able to purchase new cockpitless aircraft to fly, or the add-on packs to fly them over Hawaii or Alaska.

On their Facebook page, the Flight “community team” stated “Although you will […]

Flight repaints… possibly more?

The MS Flight forum over at Avsim has come to life again – not with complaints about content this time, but rather with some good news, in the form of “Flight Tools“, which allow users to repaint the MS Flight aircraft in colours of their choosing.

Right now, the liveries sticky at the top of […]

A final fizzle?

The dead sim that isn’t quite dead, apparently, would like to give its users a twist in the tail of the tale. And extract some more money from them, for preference.

Some of you might be aware that following the demise of Flight as a live project, Microsoft have actually appointed someone to be a […]

Microsoft Flight : February 29th 2012 – July 26th 2012

Microsoft announced on Facebook that Flight development has ceased. Anyway, Flight will remain available for free download and the additional content for sale will be found in the same places, to cover a part of Alaska or Hawaii islands for example. The few people that purchased addons are not limited in use.

For its […]

Carbon Cub gets a cockpit

We’ll recycle the Alaska picture again to go with the latest announcement from Microsoft’s Flight‘s team, I think. After all, they haven’t provided any new ones yet.

“COMING SOON: DELUXE CARBON CUB! This classic plane just got even better with the addition of a full virtual cockpit! The deluxe Carbon Cub will be available 7/25/12.”


Microsoft Flight in positive response shocker!

See that little picture? It has apparently achieved the impossible – a post from the MS Flight team on their Facebook page that has more people pressing “Like” than complaining about what it is lacking.

As usual, the image has been posted in the form of a teaser to try and get people guessing what […]

Flight Alaska released

Apparently you’ve seen that image once too often recently, but now it’s back for the right reasons – Microsoft have released their Alaska expansion for Flight through all the proper channels rather than Monday’s minor mess-up “due to a bug in the release testing process”.

The package costs 1200 Microsoft Points inside Flight, or for […]

“Basic” Carbon Cub for Flight Alaska

Microsoft have announced a small amount of further detail regarding what will be included as part of their Alaska expansion for Flight.

In a news article posted yesterday, they announced: “Prepare for takeoff! While exploring over 600,000 square miles of new scenery, 565 airports and 137 seaplane bases in the Land of the Midnight Sun, […]