Freeware : Yak-40

Appeared four days ago at (179 Mb), this Yak-40 is definately the best freeware aircraft released since the beginning of the year.

Its description says this is a model made for FSX upon the FS2004 payware model of Suprunov Design, but the main developer, Igor Suprunov passed away in April 2012.

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Airport Madness 2 Free all weekend

Although it’s “just” an old school looking flash game, it could be time consuming during your office hours ! Airport Madness 2 is a fun and addictive game of traffic control from tower position. More and more aircraft come to land and manage the ground operations for departure at the same time with crossing runways.


Free : SCS Tupolev Tu-134A v2.0

The new version 2.0 of the Tupolev TU-134A by SCS has now a virtual cockpit. Even better, it features also a new air conditioning system with pressure control.

I see smiles on FS2004 pilots faces ! You’ll find on that page.

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Project Tupolev Tu-154B2 v1.2

The freeware Project Tupolev gets a new update v1.2 for the Tu-154B2.

In the changelog, the GPS, TCAS and the AChS-1 clock are tje main enhancements brought by this new version. Find more details in the forum here.

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Free : Damas Airport scenery

It’s free and loads quality textures and 3D models : get Damas Airport scenery OSDI for FSX/FS9.

Thanks to Syria Sim group, the download link is active on their website where you can also find another freeware : Latakia scenery.

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Airport Design Editor info

Jon Masterson informed Airport Design Editor newsletter subscribers that the new version of his efficient tool has “small updates to Bgl2Xml GUI and Simple Airport Scanner.”

It’s now 100% compatible with Prepar3D v2, the new Lockheed Martin flight simulator. The author also linked to the unique forum where you find “tips, tricks and tutorials” [...]

Dino’s F-14 version 2.20 released

Yesterday, at the India Inda Alpha Foxtrot Echo blog, Dino Cattaneo announced the release of version 2.20 of his FSX +Acceleration/Prepar3D F-14D Tomcat.

The headline change to the “Tom” is a complete reworking of the multi-function display system to match US Navy NATOPS manuals, although many other changes are included as well, the list of [...]

FSXstarter from Peter Rosendahl

Peter Rosendahl has announced the release of his FSXstarter freeware application.

At its heart lies a switcher application that allows the user to define different starting profiles for the simulator, so you can refine your settings depending on the type of flying you intend to do – more or less autogen, higher or lower mesh [...]

Free : EDAH Heringsdorf airport

Heringsdorf EDAH located on the island of Usedom, Germany, was an airbase at the time of DDR (or German Democratic Republic). Nowadays it’s a regional airlines stop for both Germans and Polish.

More than 1,500 people already found and downloaded the respective file for free from to install in your FSX Addons Scenery [...]

Free : LJPZ Portorož for X-Plane 9

Not from Santa Claus, this freeware is a gift thanks to Aerobridge Studios. LJPZ Portorož is the third airport of Slovenia, now reproduced in X-Plane 9 (about 250 Mb download).

Another X-Plane 10 is coming along. We also remember that this team has VHHH Hong Kong on their projects list.

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