Soarfly Concepts – Bembridge Freeware Preview

Probably in a couple of days, Soarfly Concepts will share for free a beautifully rendered airport scenery : EGHJ Bembridge is the airport on the English Isle of Wight, between Southampton and France.

More preview pictures have been uploaded here.

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A Sky Story – Alps X-Plane Part 1 Online

A Sky Story expands their donationware and photoreal sceneries for X-Planes with the impressive first part of Alps.

The included region covers the Swiss and French Alps, between Bern and Lyon and requires you to download 40 Gb.

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A Sky Story – Photoreal Free Sceneries for X-Plane

A new team has started to produce and deliver photoreal sceneries for X-Plane 10 and 11 : Corsica and Ibiza islands in the Mediterranean Sea. As donationware, you are free to give some money or just download the files.

A Sky Story website ( reveals also they are going to develop airports (Libourne LFDI and […]

Finland Freeware Sceneries FSX

In FSDevelopers forum, Tatu introduced his creation for Finland : a nice series of Freeware FSX sceneries to cover the whole country with mesh, landclass, landmarks (obstacles and lighthouses), and enhanced airports !

All of these will be found at for free download.

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NL2000 – December 2016 update v4.09

In NL2000 freeware scenery for the Netherlands, the new version 4.09 installs now Autogen buildings in all provinces.

The full changelog and the download link will be found at the official website :

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Free : Flight1 ForeFlight Plug-in for P3D / FSX

This is certainly an opportunity to use ForeFlight app on your iPhone or iPad. Flight1 Aviation Technologies developed a plugin to connect the electronic flight bag and navigation app to your simulator P3D or FSX. Note that the plugin is free and the app needs a subscription to access most of its content.

Among the […]

Aerosoft – Free Avatars in P3D

In Prepar3D, you can hang out or visit airports and other places by using avatars, 3D and animated people. As a gift to any interested simmer, Aerosoft released an airliner pilot, a marshaller, a dancing zombie and an airport falconer.

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Freeware : FTXDes Serbia Photoreal

Developed for P3D v3, and probably FSX compatible, the whole Serbia country becomes a photoreal and freeware addon scenery thanks to FTXDes.

The huge download – 35 Gb – will require a torrent file. Screenshots and links are found here.

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FlightGear New Version 2016.4.1

Released past weekend, the newest version 2016.4.1 of the free flight simulator FlightGear has been released at the official website :

Get all the detailed information of its content in this changelog.

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Sun Sky Jet – KDTW Freeware Preview in P3D

Yet another screenshot taken from Prepar3D featuring KDTW Detroit airport by Sun Sky Jet.

The freeware authors like their shadows look, and we like much the global result of their whole scenery already !

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