Sun Sky Jet – KDTW Freeware Preview in P3D

Yet another screenshot taken from Prepar3D featuring KDTW Detroit airport by Sun Sky Jet.

The freeware authors like their shadows look, and we like much the global result of their whole scenery already !

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Sun Sky Jet – Freeware Detroit KDTW News

It’s on Facebook that we found news about the freeware project of Sun Sky Jet : Detroit KDTW.

This airport scenery in Michigan, USA, will be compatible with FSX and P3D, with SODE jetways and first class details. Their official website URL is

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Freeware : Mestia UGMS

Our friends at Simrussia mentioned a nice freeware airport scenery that we wanted to share here with you.

Thanks to David Hilker, Mestia (UGMS) in Georgia (Eastern Europe and Asia), is modelled with great accuracy and upgraded surroundings. The 50 Mb file is named “” at, or “” at


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Free : VC textures update for the Maddog 80

Either available for FSX or for FS9, the Leonardo’s Maddog 80 fans have been enjoying the new textures update for its virtual cockpit since a few days already.

It supports even the blue version of the flightdeck. Click on the previous direct links to download the respective free packages from where you just need […]

Freeware project : Everglades Airpark X01

Two French designers are working on an interesting freeware project in Florida : Everglades Airpark X01.

The little airport will also come with Everglades city completely covered. In the scenery, you will be able to enjoy numerous vehicles, aircraft, custom buildings and even crocodiles according to this second preview in a French forum.

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Freeware : OZx Australian Scenery Project v3.5

Explore more airfields, VFR sceneries and water starts in Australia with the new version of OZx v3.5, the freeware Australian Scenery Project.

This package is made to experiment virtual bush flying and the new upgrade adds “over 18 new airstrips, a heliport, a 2016 listing of oilrigs and over 20 points of interest” according to […]

Free : LatinWings – Sta. Barbara V2

The most recent payware release of LatinWings, Requena LERE in Spain, was released just two weeks ago and there is again another airport scenery online.

This time, it’s a freeware in Venezuela, ready for download to celebrate their new website launch : get now SVSB – Santa Barbara De Barinas.

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Milviz – P-38 Red Bull goes freeware

That’s a nice gift to start July and maybe your holidays time : Milviz makes their P-38 Red Bull free to dowload for FSX and P3D.

It’s a detailed model of the restored aircraft, coming with custom and configurable avionics.

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Flyer – Japanese Airport “Nakashibetsu” – RJCN for free

Flyer’s Jun released a Japanese Airport “Nakashibetsu” – RJCN for Free. RJCN is in the Hokkaido. it’s not far from Sakhalin(Ru: Сахалинская область)

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Donationware : Rostock-Laage airport ETNL for P3D

Rainer Kunst is proud to release its new airport scenery in Northern Germany, Rostock-Laage ETNL, for Prepar3D.

The 624 Mb can be downloaded with just a free email registration from the official webpage here.

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