Aerosoft – Anchorage Professional P3D4

Anchorage Professional P3D4 joins the growing airports collection of Aerosoft specially updated and enhanced with the latest SDK and visual effects.

The superb airport with animated ground vehicles is perfectly integrated in the detailed surroundings and it’s also compatible with FTX South Alaska.

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Just Flight – Stinson L-5 Sentinel Released

Mainly used for liaison and observation, Stinson L-5 Sentinel was a light military aircraft in the US Air Froce during the Second World War.

Modelled by Aeroplane Heaven, the accurate model comes with 7 liveries and HD textures for P3D and FSX.

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ArezOne – Shrike-Commander 500S HQ Soundset FSX P3D

Recommended for the model of Carenado, ArezOne edited a full soundset for the Shrike-Commander 500S that ships with much more sounds than just for the engine.

Many effects, mobile parts and systems have been recorded too.

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FSXcenery – KIWA Phoenix Mesa Gateway FSX P3D

Close enough to Phoenix and even more to Mesa in Arizona, here’s KIWA airport modelled by FSXcenery with its three parallel runways.

The authors introduce it as compatible with P3D v4/v3 and FSX.

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TOGA projects – Envshade Trailer [Video]

Custom coded for P3D v4/v3, Envshade by TOGA Projects is an efficient and light tool that greatly enhances your flight simulator environment look.

Without specific knowledge because it’s automatic and easy, many environment features will be adjusted for a much better visual result and without performance impact because Envshade tweaks the P3D shaders live. […]

SXAirportDesign – Rick Husband Amarillo Intl FSX P3D

Fly to Texas, USA where Rick Husband Amarillo International is the newest scenery of SXAirportDesign.

Adding photoreal terrain and hundreds of custom buildings, their realistic airport features also SODE animated jetways.

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Carenado – S340 Preview Update

The Saab 340 in development at Carenado workshop has already amazing models both exterior and interiors.

Their latest Facebook post features a preview including the passengers cabin and the virtual cockpit.

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MegaScenery Earth V3 – California FSX P3D

This is the latest generation of US photoreal sceneries : MegaScenery Earth V3. Their collection at simMarket is now completed with both Southern and Northern California titles to cover the entire state. And all the titles are on sale 40% OFF.

Discover the region with HD textures, custom mesh and all the accurate charts for […]

Vidan Design – Aalborg Tower Preview

Among the Scandinavian sceneries, Aalborg EKYT is a future product from Vidan Design that will fit your needs of regional and detailed airports using detailed textures.

To be more complete Aalborg is also used for military purpose.

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A_A Sceneries – ZBAA Beijing Jetway Preview

The latest development report of A_A Sceneries shares the 3D preview of the detailed jetway being designed for their future scenery of ZBAA Beijing.

With advanced 3D shapes and transparent windows, find the complete preview here.


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