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Before the release of Fly The Maddog X, their new website lets the public download the PDF documentation of the upcoming MD-82 for P3D and FSX. Available in English and Italian, the manuals detail the systems, panels, and annunciators featres.

There are now public information about the products price of the upcoming Fly The Maddog X. The new and advanced MD-82 simulation will be available either for P3Dv4 at 70 EUR (+vat), or for FSX and P3Dv3 at 57 EUR (+vat). If you get it fast during the first week upon release, all new customers will be able to purchase it at simMarket with a 5 EUR discount (for FSX/P3D v3). Owners of the good old Maddog may have a different offer whose details have not been revealed yet. Edit : prices have been clarified without VAT and the 5 EUR…

With an improved body design for flight performance and modernized avionics, the Fokker F50 was a serious upgrade to the successful F27 model, and was manufactured during 1980’s and 1990’s. Carenado is close to release their model for P3D and FSX.

Beside Saint Maarten TNCM detailed in their next X-Plane scenery, AirWorthy Designs will add Grand Case Esperance TFFG, the French little airport on the other side of the same Caribbean island. Take the time to visit their latest preview album with some nice shots of the terminal and its parking lot with many details, signs, vegetation, realistic textures with bump mapping effects.

In the official Aerosoft forum, Mathijs Kok detailed how have been planned the release of the Aerosoft Airbus Professional products. It just gives the order and the approximative time between two products. Before all the Airbus, Aerosoft will make public their DC-8, and then will come the A318/A319, followed 2 weeks later by the A320/A321. Maybe after a month, the Service Pack 1 and Bundle A318/A321 will be available. Only after all that, we’ll see the A330 Professional on the market. All of these products are P3D4 exclusive.

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