It’s a Fusion!

The poll has ended for Robert Graf‘s 2013 car in the DOM-GNL league of iRacing, carrying the insignia of both simFlight and simMarket as primary sponsors. As you can no doubt see from the manufacturer logos, the Ford Fusion beat the Chevrolet by a single vote (although we’ll be honest, we’d have liked a little […]

DOM2013 Round 3: Las Vegas

The poll for Robert Graf‘s primary car for the 2013 season of the DOM – German NASCAR Championship – is still open, but while it runs its course (a few more votes wouldn’t go amiss… come on folks!) he’s sticking with what he knows in the form of the Chevrolet car while visiting the gambling […]

Phoenix report and a little poll…

Robert Graf has taken the new iRacing Chevy out for a spin – if you could count several hundred laps of practice and racing around the oval at Phoenix a ‘little’ outing, that is – for the second race of the DOM-GNL season.

How did the new car treat him? Will he be keeping it? […]

New sF iRacing Chevy rolled out

As mentioned at the beginning of his first race report for the season, the outing last week at Daytona was the last for the ‘current’ iRacing Chevrolet stock car as it is being replaced by a new model. Well, for those who are following Robert’s progress, he has forwarded the attached images of the new […]

DOM’s New Season gets the green flag

The cry has been heard, followed by the roar of V8s and the squeal of tortured rubber on tarmac.

“Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!”

Last season’s outing for Robert Graf ended pretty well in the iRacing sim based German NASCAR series, so after finishing his rookie full season in a very respectable position, the new series […]

Merry Christmas to all our Readers, Friends and Staff!

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DOM-GNL #36 – Kentucky


It’s the last race of the season. Having battled it out with the top 10 drivers in the iRacing DOM-GNL (German NASCAR League), has Robert Graf managed to drive his simFlight Chevy Impala home in the top group of finishers? We hear from him about how he did in the final race and […]

DOM-GNL #35 – Martinsville

Things are really building to a climax now as the end approaches of Robert Graf’s first full season in the iRacing DOM-GNL (German NASCAR League) series.

We’ve been following his progress throughout the season, but has Martinsville brought him closer to putting the simFlight liveried Impala in the top group of finishers, or is he […]

DOM-GNL #33 & #34: Homestead & Daytona

As his first season in the online iRacing DOM-GNL (German Nascar League) draws to a close, this week we have two race reports from Robert Graf. With only two races remaining, has he been able to continue his impressive performance from the previous few rounds?

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DOM-GNL #32 – Phoenix

With 4 races remaining in the season, we catch up again with Robert Graf to find out how he and his simFlight Cheverolet Impala are getting on in this year’s iRacing DOM-GNL (virtual German Nascar League).

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