JustSim – Riga Latvia EVRA Update 1.1 FSX P3D

Registered customers of Riga Latvia EVRA already received the notification of the update version 1.1.

JustSim added important and new features like the animated jetways with SODE, and the functional docking system (for SODE/ GSX) !

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29Palms – Skiathos Update v1.5

If Skiathos LGSK, the beautiful Greek island, makes part of your sceneries, 29Palms Scenery Design inform their customers that they have an important and FREE update v1.5 ready for download.

The scenery is now only compatible with P3D v4/v3. The designers improved the performance, added static and animated people, dynamic lights and more. Uninstall it […]

Train Simulator 2018 Available

Launch Steam and Dovetail Games will update you to Train Simulator 2018. It’s a free upgrade if you already have TS2017, without content change.

Fresh new customers who purchase TS2018 will receive 3 routes included : Garmish-Partenkirchen/Innsbruck, North Wales Coastal and Peninsula Corridor San Francisco with their respective rolling stock. (DB BR 442 and OBB […]

PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster – FSX P3D Update

A minor update for the DC-6 Cloudmaster of PMDG aimed at FSX and P3D virtual pilots comes to fix a few items. The team announce that the “FO side trim indicator doesn’t move”, “CHT during TO is getting higher with colder OAT” and they unlocked the PDF manuals.

More simmers will be interested to read […]

FSFX ChasePlane Update Preview

Currently in public Beta, ChasePlane is a camera tool supported in FSX, and P3D v4/v2.

Developed by OldProp Soluations, the makers of FSFX Packages, important new features will be pushed in the next update : Replay, Hot Corners, and much improved performance.

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QualityWings 787 Hotfix 2

The second important update for 787 pilots flying with QualityWings model in FSX is ready.

More crash to desktop issues have been solved, and various problems of Autopilot and PFD/ND displays should be now resolved. You can use either the quick Hotfix 2, or the full installer version 1.0.2 as you prefer.

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RFscenerybuilding – LIRQ Florence Peretola P3D4

Florence is one of the most important place of Italy to visit where numerous historical buildings make downtown a pleasant city to explore.

Flying there will make you land at LIRQ Florence Peretola and its realistic scenery by RFscenerybuilding is now compatible with P3D v4.

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29Palms – Skiathos v1.5 Preview

They already announced that their Greek scenery of Skiathos would be upgraded with new effects and features, plus the P3D v4 compatibility.

With the latest preview screenshots uploaded, the upcoming free upgrade can be appreciated.

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TOGA Projects – ENVtex Update 1.1.1

TOGA Projects spread the word that an important update 1.1.1 is available for ENVtex, the popular addon of environment textures and effects for both P3D v4/v2 and FSX.

Now integrated into ENVdir interface, future updates will be easier with “Check Updates” button and automatic install. Rain and snow effects/textures have been enhanced in P3D v4 […]

JustSim – EVRA Riga XP v1.1

An update is ready for the X-Plane pilots who own EVRA Riga airport in Latvia.

JustSim scenery version 1.1 adds the working Autogates and fixes for the models, textures and parking numbers.

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