Airworthy Designs – Grand Case preview

Grand Case TFFG is a little airport on the French side of Saint Martin island.

Airworthy Designs will include it beside Saint Maarten TNCM famous airport, in their future X-Plane detailed scenery.

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Skyline Simulations – KORD Chicago Preview

After KSNA John Wayne release for X-Plane, Skyline Simulations shows preview screenshots of an upcoming scenery of a much bigger size : KORD Chicago.

Another important point is their high interest in P3D development. Their future sceneries will be developed for both platforms !

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Skyline Simulations – KSNA John Wayne XP 11

In order to design for X-Plane 11, Skyline Simulations used materials of LatinVFR who made first their own KSNA John Wayne airport scenery.

This title is a very realistic and advanced product with PBR materials, HDR Lights and ground reflections for the best visual result. Enter the shop by clicking here.

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FS Global Real Weather 64Bit P3D4 XP 11

If you are looking for an accurate weather software that works with P3D v4 and/or X-Plane 11, FS Global Real Weather by PILOT’s is a new product with realistic depiction of the live conditions.

It’s compatible with any environment textures you may have and also with direct support of Electronic Flight Bag, FlightSim Commander and […]

VirtualDesign3D – Eulogio Sanchez SCTB XP

First product at simMarket, and you will remember their name – VirtualDesign3D – because of the visuals quality ! Found in Chile, their product Eulogio Sanchez SCTB XP models urban areas, airport sheds and houses in the surroundings with many details.

3D animated people, photoreal terrain and detailed objects like hences, vegetation produce a […]

JustSim – Airport Klagenfurt LOWK XP 11

In the South of Austria, not very far from Slovenia, Klagenfurt Airport has been enhanced and updated by JustSim to become an X-Plane 11 scenery.

With its animated ground vehicles, HD ground textures and volumetric vegetation you’ll be enchanted by the location and by the little upgrade price.

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Just Flight – PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV XP11

This is another major release from Just Flight, as their previous Piper PA-28R Arrow III has been particularly well received in X-Plane, the British publisher completes their aircraft models with the new Turbo Arrow III and IV.

Their product is a very advanced simulation on many aspects : animations, detailed textures, complete set of avionics…


JustSim – Dresden EDDC X-Plane Preview

X-Plane pilots may have the option to purchase Dresden EDDC detailed airport scenery sooner than they could imagine.

Look what JustSim already achieve to display in Laminar Research flight simulator : the custom buildings with their HD textures, the airport objects and the hard surfaces already have their custom textures applied.

For P3D4, it’s already […]

Aerosoft – Svalbard 4 X-Plane 11

The Svalbard Islands in Norway are way too close from the North Pole to be included by default in X-Plane scenery.

Aerosoft fills this gap and adds the airports and heliports of that region.

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Aerosoft – Værøy XP 10/11

With Værøy XP your trip will make you discover this piece of paradise on Earth : the Lofoten archipelago, (one of) the most beautiful place of Norway.

Aerosoft modelled it with custom mesh, the city and harbor, seasonal photoreal textures, and aurora borealis effects for X-Plane 11 and 10.

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