iFly 747-400v2 for P3D V4 Ready

iFly updated their 747-400 product for P3D V4, not just to ensure full compatibility only.

They also took advantage of the new features offered by the simulator, like HDR reflections and new dynamic lighting effects.

PMDG – 747-400 in Prepar3D v4

After this video demonstration of dynamic lights added to the 747-400 Queen of the Skies II in Prepar3D v4, then try them by yourself with the free update released by PMDG.

Uninstall first your 747-400 installed in P3D v4 according to PMDG message.

PMDG – 747-400 Queen of the Skies II First Impressions Review

When Precision Manual Development Group (PMDG for short) announce a new product, you can rest assured it will be very highly anticipated by the flightsim community. If said product is a remake of their almost-legendary 747, anticipation goes ballistic. The PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II was released a bit over a month ago. […]

PMDG – New 747-400 Is Out

For PMDG fans, it’s already time to get your way to their download shop to purchase the new version of their 747-400.

FSX licence is sold 89.99 USD, and the P3D licence is sold 134.99 USD. Numerous liveries, paintkits and SDK are also available, thrid party developers like FS2Crew are already investigating the interaction with […]

PMDG – Last Week Before 747-400 v3 Goes Public

PMDG team is working on the last tasks before release of the awaited 747-400 for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D v3.

Find the complete message here with the features list too.

PMDG – 747-400 v3 How Is The Release Planned ?

In this post, PMDG manager Robert S. Randazzo listed the aircraft variants and engines featured in the 747-400 v3. We already know that the 747-8/8F will come in a separate expansion later.

Upon release day, both FSX licence and P3D licence will be sold in the price range of the 777. More details will be […]

PMDG – 747-400 V3 Extensive Video Beta

The patience of simmers waiting for PMDG 747-400 V3 get sort of reward with this extensive video filmed with the Beta version.

Visit the exterior and the virtual cockpit, attend the startup procedure..

PMDG 747-400 v3 Beta preview

The Non-disclosure agreement of the PMDG Beta testers team has gone off, and the new screenshots are flowing in. Their main current project, the 747-400 V3 for FSX and P3D will certainly get their forum pretty animated by the crowd.

See some views here and there too.


PMDG – 747-400 v2 Beta New Shots

Instead of their main support forum, I’ll direct you to their Facebook page since the hosting image service they chose seems to be in maintenance at the time I’m writing.

At least, in this forum post by Robert S. Randazzo, PMDG explains how their new 747-400 can be considered more complicated than the previous […]

Flight1 – iFly 737 NG and 747-400 v2 at simMarket

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simMarket store has something for you to spare some free time, not only for this summer but […]