FS2Crew – PMDG 747 QOTS II Service Pack 1

FS2Crew announced that their latest edition for PMDG 747 Queen Of The Skies II got his first Service Pack to address the few fixes reported by the customers.

Ultimate Ground Crew X project keeps being developed, and the communication between its programmer and FS2Crew manager Bryan York sees a new build once a week.


Cockpit PHD – Boeing 747 Throttle Handles Set For Saitek

After the A320 and the B737, Cockpit PHD adds another set of handles for your Saitek throttle quadrant : the Boeing 747 !

This set comes with the 4 engines throttle, and dummy reverser handles. For the best setup like on the picture, you need 2 throttles by Saitek, and the quadrnt mounting box also […]

PMDG – 747 and 777 Updates

Read the latest PMDG notes about the updates for the 747-400, minor tweaks have been introdced for all simmers, not only the ones using P3D v4.

Then 777 pilots got their updates too, allowing them to fly the heavy bird in P3D v4 for the first time.


PMDG – 747-400 Queen of the Skies II First Impressions Review

When Precision Manual Development Group (PMDG for short) announce a new product, you can rest assured it will be very highly anticipated by the flightsim community. If said product is a remake of their almost-legendary 747, anticipation goes ballistic. The PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II was released a bit over a month ago. […]

PMDG 747-400BCF Previews


PMDG Have released another status update today regarding the 747-400BCF. You may find their full post below, in addition to on the original Avsim page.


OpenCockpits parts 747 and 767

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OpenCockpits allows you to order their Boeing 747 and 767 cockpit replica parts for your home system. […]

PMDG 747 Major Progress Update!

Over on their Facebook page there has been a major update on the progress of the 747 as it’s entering “Preview” Season. You can enjoy the previews below and head over to their page for their full update. The -8 is looking beautiful so far!

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Flightdeck Solutions unveil 747-8i panels

Flightdeck Solutions received an order to build a 747-8i cockpit replica, and we all know the attention to details of this serious Canadian company.

Unveiling their new Jumbo flight deck, with a 360° view, you will learn they added the Electronic Flight Bag and other revisions for some panels.


Flight1/iFly – 747-400 released

The Jumbo 747-400 developed by iFly and published by Flight1 for FSX and FS9 has been released !

Its features list look very complete and impressive, including all engines variants GE, RR and PW with the respective custom sounds sets brought by Turbine Sound Studios.

In the virtual cockpit and on 2D panels, CRT […]

Just Planes cover Air France “Queen”

Often described as “the Queen of the Skies”, Boeing’s 747-400 is still one of the mainstays for the world’s long-haul operators, in spite of the basic design having been around for 50 years.

Just Planes‘ latest Blu-Ray video covers the operations of Air France‘s B747s, with 250 minutes of footage covering two flights operated […]