A2A Simulations – 049 Constellation P3D v4 Ready

The numerous fans of A2A Simulations and pilots of their Captain of the Ship 049 Constellation won’t miss it anymore in Prepar3D v4 as it now made compatible. Download the new installer from your user account.

Registered customers should have been notified already, and it’s now available for everyone at simMarket.



A2A Simulations – P3D v4 Compatible Addons

Various A2a Simulations aircraft packages are now compatible with P3D v4 : checkout the following titles in their catalogue.

Accu-sim C172 Trainer Accu-sim C182 Skylane Accu-sim Cherokee 180 Accu-sim Comanche 250 Accu-sim T-6 Texan

A2A Simulations – Constellation Captain of The Ship L-049

I will never be able to compete with A2A Simulations words to sum up their new outstanding package description.

Every crew onboard does his job, and works as a team including the copilot, the navigator, the cabin attendant or the ground crew. All the systems have been simulated, and you get access to them to […]

A2A Cessna Skyhawk 172 Unofficial Student Checklist

I’ve got something quick and efficient to help the students willing to fly the Cessna Skyhawk 172 of A2A Simulations.

Given its level of realism, this unofficial checklist edited by a fan may give you a hand in managing the bird.

A2A Simulations – L049 Constellation preview

The “Connie” is going to fly soon in our flight simulators, thanks to A2A Simulations and you already knew that.

Just don’t miss the latest sneak preview shared by the designers so you can zoon in all the wheels and flight surfaces deployed of the 4 piston engined beast.


A2A Simulations – T-6 Texan Review

After doing 4 general aviation trainers/touring aircraft, A2A Simulations is back with a WWII era model, namely the North American T-6 Texan. Let’s see how A2A tackled this old trainer.


A2A Simulations L-049 Constellation Announced

A2A Simulations appear to have subtlely hinted towards the announcement of the L-049 Constellation that is in the works on their Facebook page. Alec Liberman who was attending FlightSimCon with the Boston Virtual ARTCC stand has kindly allowed me to post these.

#gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; […]

A2A T-6 Texan Previews and Manual Now Available!

On their Facebook page, A2A Simulations have released yet another batch of previews in addition to posting a link to the manual. You know that once the manual is released, that they’re really close and hopefully prepping for release! If you wish to download the manual ahead of release, you may find the FSX […]

Accusim – Update

A while back Accusim was upgraded for the whole fleet just after the Comanche release. The guys over at A2A recently updated it again with Comanche fixes, along with some fixes for the C172. If you own either and still haven’t updated from the 19th’s update then head to their site and take a […]

A2A Simulations – Comanche 250

A2A’s Commache 250 has been released today and I know lots of you have been eager to get your hands on it. There are a few tiers for different P3D versions along with bundles so head over to simMarket and choose the tier/bundle you’d like (or just as a standalone version) Have Fun!