FSLabs A320-X for P3D V4.1 Online

If you are not at home when you read this, you’ll hurry up I bet : Flight Sim Labs A320-X update for P3D V4.1 is ready for download !

The already impressive changelog is not even the one of the upcoming Service Pack 1. Later, they will release the A319-X.


Blue Sky Star – FSLabs A320 CFM Engine Sounds FSX P3D

After the IAE V2500 engines soundset previously released in past December 2016, Blue Sky Star completes their sounds solution for the FSLabs A320 with CFM 56 pack.

With those two sounds packs, Blue Sky Star covers now both engines variants powering the Airbus A320.

ACC – A320Pro SRV3.0 Sidestick USB

The A320PROSRV 3.0 of ACC differs from the 2.0 because you get not only the Airbus sidestick replica, still USB alimented, but you now also the frame all made in steel and aluminium.

The quality hardware based on a sophisticated damper system also has its buttons for PTT and autopilot disconnect.

If you prefer the […]

Aerosoft – Future P3D v4 Aircraft Releases (CRJ – A320 – A330)

In order to make the A320 series compatible with P3D v4, Aerosoft explained they had a lot of work to comply with the 64bit programming. And their current code for the A330 project was much more efficient compared to the A320 series already dated of several years. Instead of quick and dirty tweaks to an […]

FSCS – HD Liveries For Jardesign A320 Europe I – XP11

New brand at simMarket, FSCS launch brings to the market a bundle of high definition repaints of European Airlines for the A320 of Jardesign for X-Plane 11.

The airlines included in the first pack Europe I are the following : Iberia, Air France, BMI, EasyJet, Lufthansa, British Airways and WizzAir.


FlightFactor – A320 Ultimate Footage

On the paper, the A320 Ultimate project for X-Plane 11 already looks very promising as it is based on a professional training program for actual flight crews.

After the fixed shots, you can now watch a preview video showing the work-in-progress virtual cockpit with terrific rain effects on the glareshield.

FlightFactor – A320 Ultimate X-Plane Announced

Totally different from their previous airliners products for X-Plane, the A320 Ultimate is a professional training simulation initially, and its development started 6 years ago.

It’s only back in 2015 that FlightFactor joined the first team of developers to make the A320 Ultimate a future product for X-Plane 11. Every sound in the cockpit has […]

A320PRO SRV2.0 Sidestick USB

Have a look at the exact Airbus sidestick replica, it’s as easy to use as a simple joystick with the USB interface.

ACC build the device with quality materials, “stainless steel, aluminum and brass” and let the customer select either pilot or copilot version.

IAE V2500 Engine Sounds for FSLabs A320 FSX

The soundset has been prepared by Blue Sky Star especially for the A320 in FSX of Flight Sim Labs.

All their samples were recorded on real IAE V2500 engines.

FlightSimLabs – A320-X Review

After 6 years of development, Flight Sim Labs finally released on of the most anticipated add-ons of late. Their rendition of the Airbus A320 short to midrange airliner. Let’s take a look.