UK2000 Scenery – Prestwick EGPK and Aberdeen EGPD Xtreme XP 10/11

There are two airports more in the X-Plane catalogue of UK2000. Both are located in Scotland : Prestwick EGPK Xtreme and Aberdeen EGPD Xtreme.

Just by the scenery title, you know that UK2000 have loaded the sceneries with HD and realistic terrain textures, plenty of airport details, objects and vehicles.


UK2000 – Aberdeeen Xtreme X-Plane Preview

Fly to Scotland will be easier in a few days, UK2000 Scenery will launch another Xtreme scenery for X-Plane : Aberdeen EGPD.

Their preview screenshots confirm again they blended the detailed airport into the global scenery with smooth integration.

UK2000 Scenery – Aberdeen Xtreme EGPD FSX P3D FS2004

Visit Scotland via a famous airport ! You have often seen Aberdeen (EGPD) on the destinations information board at your airport but you haven’t gone yet, or it’s your local airport, then UK2000 makes your day !

Aberdeen exists now as an Xtreme airport scenery thanks to UK2000 Scenery. Expect a high quality rendition with […]