Hifi Technologies – Active Sky 2016 and Active Sky Cloud Art Review

July 2016 saw the release of the latest in a long line of Active Sky products. Active Sky 2016. Concurrently, Hifi Tech released an accompanying product: Active Sky Cloud Art. Let’s take a look.


ActiveSky 16 and Cloud Art Coming Soon and Pricing Revealed?

Today , Hifi’s website has been updated with a possible pricing table in addition to a new video being embedded on the site too.

The pricing table is publically available on their website and shows what appears to be the expected prices. Tiers for a separate version for FSX/FSX:SE and another for P3D (with […]

Weather incompatibility warning from Pilot’s

Looks like there’s a little bit of turbulence in the simulated weather world, as Stefan from Pilot’s has been in contact to advise us of a compatibility issue between their FS Global Real Weather and HiFi Tech‘s newly released Active Sky Next.

“If you have installed Active Sky Next (full or trial) for FSX and […]

HiFi Tech – New Active Sky announced

A new version of Active Sky has been announced by Damian Clark, founder and lead developer of HiFi Technologies.

In development since three years already, the new software will give a total control on FSX weather “without” any limit. The simmers won’t have to choose anymore between smooth wind transition and perfect clouds depiction […]

Hifi Tech – Active Sky 2012 Review

Active Sky 2012 is the latest iteration in a long line of weather add-ons by Hifi Technologies. Except This time, they did more than just tackle the weather. In this review, we’ll dive into Active Sky 2012 and see what it’s made off.


HiFi Sim Products Discounts

We received word that all HiFiSim product prices (notably the famous ‘Active Sky’ range of products) have been reduced with 25 % recently. The products can all be found here on simMarket. That’s where you can also read the long feature lists and more information about what you’re getting.


Review: Active Sky Advanced

Wilbur and Orville had an easy job of weather forecasting – a glimpse over the field and they could see all they needed to know. A few years later, Bleriot looked over the English Channel and could see the White Cliffs of Dover. A century into flight and now we can even invent the weather […]

Active Sky Advanced Now on simMarket

Finally, the brand new version of Damian Clark’s Active Sky is released on simMarket. Some problems were fixed, and discounts for existing Active Sky users were arranged. So nothing to stop you now from purchasing and downloading this ‘King of the Skies’ and add yet another additional touch of realism to your FSX […]