Aerosoft – A320 Professional Virtual Print Options

Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft uploaded this video to demonstrate one of the new feature implemented in the next A320 Professional for P3D v4 : print (virtually) the AOC report – Aircraft Operational Communication – directly from the MCDU and stick it for future reference.

FSLabs A320-X for P3D V4.1 Online

If you are not at home when you read this, you’ll hurry up I bet : Flight Sim Labs A320-X update for P3D V4.1 is ready for download !

The already impressive changelog is not even the one of the upcoming Service Pack 1. Later, they will release the A319-X.


FSLabs – A320-X in P3D V4 And A319-X News

Shot in P3D V4.1, the A320-X of Flight Sim Labs reveals its updated virtual cockpit with enhanced modelling and textures.

Andrew Wilson adds they have reached the final Beta tests stage of the P3D v4 update. And, they have a pic of their A319-X too.


PaintSim – HD Texture Pack 7 For Simcheck A300

Dress up the Simcheck Airbus A300 with high definition and new liveries delivered by PaintSim.

In this seventh pack, the following airlines are included : Egyptair Cargo, Air Liberte, Air Inter Europe and Malaysia Airlines.

ACC – A320Pro SRV3.0 Sidestick USB

The A320PROSRV 3.0 of ACC differs from the 2.0 because you get not only the Airbus sidestick replica, still USB alimented, but you now also the frame all made in steel and aluminium.

The quality hardware based on a sophisticated damper system also has its buttons for PTT and autopilot disconnect.

If you prefer the […]

FSLabs – A320-X P3D V4 Beta Test

In order to give some news about the P3D v4 update for the Airbus A320, FSLabs shared this preview video to showcase their impressive HD soundset they have prepared for it.

The A320-X will also receive integrated flight crew announcements, and dynamic lights of course.

Paintsim – UHD Texture Pack 4 for Wilco Airbus A330-300 FSX

Paintsim launched the sales of their UHD Texture Pack 4 featuring 4 airlines liveries for the Wilco Airbus A330-300 in FSX. For Finnair, Iberia, Qantas and Eva Air, the textures are high definition size of 4096 x 4096 pixels.

Aerosoft – Future P3D v4 Aircraft Releases (CRJ – A320 – A330)

In order to make the A320 series compatible with P3D v4, Aerosoft explained they had a lot of work to comply with the 64bit programming. And their current code for the A330 project was much more efficient compared to the A320 series already dated of several years. Instead of quick and dirty tweaks to an […]

FSPXAI – Airbus A380 FSX/P3D AI-Traffic

AI traffic tweakers, FSPXAI sells another detailed airliner model for use in P3D v4/v1 or FSX.

The Airbus A380 is the biggest airliner in the world, and if you already know how to create and edit your own AI traffic, get this one at simMarket.


PaintSim – UHD Texture Pack Wilco Airbus A330-300 FSX

PaintSim used their own ultra high definition paint kit for the Wilco Airbus A330-300 FSX.

Find their pack installing 4 airlines liveries : Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways and Thomas Cook.