TSS – Antonov-124 Progress D-18T Pilot Edition FSX P3D

The impressive Antonov-124 deserves a realistic soundset and Turbine Sound Studios comes now with a soundset Pilot Edition.

In their Pilot Edition series, TSS includes cockpit environment sounds without forgetting both external and internal engine effects.

Sibwings AN-2 lifts off

The incredible Antonov AN-2 piston biplane, known to many by its NATO reporting name of “Colt”, is one of the most produced aircraft in the world, with 18,000 made, across a 45-year production run in three countries. Many are still in operation today around the world, as transport and passenger […]

Aerosoft – An-2 project news

Take advantage of the open world of Flight Simulator to leave the usual routes and common aircraft you load up.

Aerosoft has been exploring Russia with Yekaterinburg X scenery already available, and they are currently developing the Antonov An-2.

Aerosoft – Antonov 2

Ready to have your hands on the Antonov 2 ? Take your time, Aerosoft is not gonna release it today but spares the little infos from time to time.

Remember the An-2 is a big single engine biplane, designed in USSR during the 1940’s. It’s still flying in […]

Freeware Antonov AN-124

Thomas Ruth has published yet another freeware model, this time of the Russian freighter Antonov AN-124. He has also announced to follow up with the AN-225 soon. If you like to carry huge amounts of freight in your sim, then this aircraft is for you. With 400 tons it should suffice the most […]