Aerosoft WiP pics of ASK 21

Aerosoft‘s glider guru, Joachim Schweigler, has posted three new pictures of his Work in Progress ASK 21 tandem glider to their forum.

The three new images – one of which is shown here, but you’ll have to visit the thread for the others – show the exterior of a single aircraft in a German training […]

New screenshots of Aerosoft’s WiP ASK 21

It may have only been recently announced, but developer Joachim Schweigler is already posting more work-in-progress screenshots of the upcoming ASK 21 twin-seat glider from Aerosoft to their forum.

As can be seen from the shot above, the instrument panels for both student and instructor are now in place, while the inevitible and healthy discussion […]

New glider project at Aerosoft

Over at the Aerosoft forums, here, you’ll find the announcement of a new project from developer Joachim Schweigler.

Fresh from the recent release of the Robin DR400, Joachim is now working on a model of the ASK 21 training glider – a popular model in the real world and another good reason to work on […]