Nuvecta TreeLine Autogen for USA

In order to enhance the photoscenery you may have installed in FSX or P3D, the TreeLine series of Nuvecta is a wide collection of products to cover the USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Using USGS topo maps, numerous Autogen trees are accurately placed, so then your low flights and approaches will be more […]

Nuvecta North American Treelines for FSX

This may well be of interest to users of PC Aviator’s MegaScenery Earth products in particular, but also anyone who uses photoreal scenery for North America; Nuvecta‘s “North American Treelines” for MS FSX are now available from simMarket.

The “treelines” products use USGS data to provide accurately placed […]

JustFlight – Revolution X

Prior to install Revolution X of JustFlight, you should have first a photoreal scenery of Great Britain, either Just Flight VFR Real Scenery, or Playsims (Horizon Simulation) VFR Photographic Scenery or TileProxy (or equivalent FS Earth Tiles / Map2bgl).

Revolution X adds millions of Autogen objects with 3D night lighting effects on top of your […]

Autogen Factory by FranceVFR

In the new website opened by FranceVFR, there are mainly free Autogen packages to enhance even more VFR flights. Produced with 3DAutomation technology, the Autogen is dense, varied with low impact on display performance.

You can already find and download Autogen vegetation packs for a few FranceVFR Photo HD series products. Save it […]

openVFR Autogen

Released a few days ago, openVFR Autogen is a new package, based around downloadable country packs, which provides 3d objects to terrain – as the name implies – derived from the positions provided by the OpenStreetMap project.

13 European countries and 1 African are covered in the initial tranche of releases, which can be used […]

FranceVFR – Autogen preview in Aquitaine region

In their last VFR range products (Haute Normandie and Alsace V2), FranceVFR introduced a new Autogen technology “3D Automation” to be able to design a greater number of Autogen items, trees and buildings with a wider variety as well.

For each French region, the developers include the different kinds of trees found in real life, […]

France VFR more Autogen revolution news

The new Autogen engine of France VFR, 3D Automation, has more innovative technical features to demonstrate.

When the source data are available, they can manage up to 24 types of vegetation, and then generate their density according to this type to enable more variated and realistic forests, but also to place aligned trees along […]

X-Plane 10 engine and roads

When the development team of X-Plane 10 exposed their Autogen engine, hope and admiration were spread in a much larger community than just in X-Plane users circles.

Maybe another wave of supporters will wait for X-Plane 10 release when they see this new run of roads automatically generated by X-Plane 10.


FranceVFR – new Autogen technology

No need to zoom in to be surprised by the increased realism of the new Autogen technology by FranceVFR.

Recently tested and introduced in their – French – forum after months of development, they precised it could be used for any European scenery and their next products will include it plus even other 3D buildings […]