BDOaviation – Kansai Preview

Settled on an artificial island, Kansai RJBB in Japan has been one of my favorite virtual destination since Kazuhiro Miyazaki modelled a beautiful freeware pack for FS2002, a long time ago.

Currently, the project is developed for FSX and P3D by BDOaviation. If you need to run out and scream in the street, it’s now.


BDOaviation – Lamezia Terme LICA FS2004

BDOaviation wants to take care of FS2004 pilots hanging out and looking for new detailed sceneries.

In the South of Italy, Lamezia Terme LICA is ready for them with 3D grass, vehicles and upgraded surroundings.

BDOaviation – Lamezia Terme (LICA) released

After a short delay, BDOaviation states that now it’s sure they have fixed the last details and they are going to release Lamezia Terme (LICA).

In this last preview screenshots series, it’s true that the buildings close-up views and the urban areas are looking really good.

EDIT : now in stock at simMarket.


BDOaviation – Lamezia Terme LICA

Well appreciated by their customers, BDOaviation will certainly please them again with their next project close to release : Lamezia Terme LICA.

The Italian airport clearly features advanced visuals with nice vegetation, buildings details and roof equipments, static vehicles, custom ground textures and markings. There are many items to explore in the preview here.


BDOaviation – Liège International Airport EBLG Review

As a Belgian myself, I’m glad to reviewing my second Belgian airport this year. This time, BDOaviation’s Liège Airport, released at the end of April this year. Let’s take a look!


Juanda International for FS9/X

The Asian archipelago nation of Indonesia and its surrounds is becoming very popular within the FS world, with a number of developers now creating airports for the region.

The latest of these is BDOaviation‘s Juanda International Airport (WARR) on East Java. Recreated with low polygon structures and high […]

Husein Sastranegara International Airport for FS9/X

The latest Indonesian airport scenery from BDO Aviation has been released for Microsoft FS9 and FSX in the form of Bandung’s Husein Sastranegara International Airport (WICC).

Situated a short distance from Bandung city centre, the airport is used primarily by airlines, although it has a GA area as well as being the home of PTDI, […]

Soekarno-Hatta for FSX from BDOAviation

Following yesterday’s release of the FS9 version, BDOAviation’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport scenery is now also available for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

As we posted yesterday, the scenery of the Indonesian capital’s airport features low polygon buildings with high-detail textures to be FPS friendly and includes moving vehicles and transparent terminal windows amongst other things. For […]

BDOAviation release Soekarno-Hatta Intl.

It seems that the South Asian countries are finally getting a little more attention these days than they did, which is good for pilots who are getting bored of flying around the primary hotspots for add-on sceneries of Europe and the USA.

Adding to this is the new release from BDOAviation, covering Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, […]