Just Flight – Avro Vulcan B Mk2 Project

Used by the Royal Air Force during the Cold War, the Avro Vulcan B Mk2 will become a detailed model designed by Just Flight for our simulators soon.

Check out the other project screenshots here.

Virtavia – XB-46 FSX P3D

Developed by Convair in the USA, the XB-46 remained at the status of prototype only. He achieved to fly in 1947 but the jet bomber was quickly abandoned by the Strategic Air Command to the competitor project of Boeing.

You can now fly with it using the Virtavia pack, loaded with a full cockpit and […]

Just Flight – DH.98 Mosquito FB MK VI

Fly the Fighter Bomber version of the famous DH.98 Mosquito MK VI, as Just Flight made it available at simMarket store for FSX and P3D.

You will have a realistic experience thanks to the aircraft systems (hydraulic, fuel and electric) and the special effects (droppable bomb animation and gun firing effects).


Virtavia – TU-22 Blinder FSX:SE

The Russian bomber began its service in the 1960’s. 50 years later, Virtavia provides their model of the TU-22 Blinder for FSX Steam Edition only.

The photoreal panel, the multiple animations and visual effects are some of the features that you can discover on the product page here.


Virtavia – Avro Lincoln

The new FSX aircraft package of Virtavia models the Avro Lincoln bomber, with a complete and functional 3D virtual cockpit, custom soundset, animations..

Of course, you will get it painted in the RAF livery of the Second World War when the Lincoln enters in service with the Bomber Command. Other liveries are also included, like […]

FSAddon’s 13 Anson Line-up

Available now from the publisher’s webstore is FSAddon‘s Avro Anson package for FSX and Prepar3D, featuring 13 models from the inter-war Mk.I through to the Mk.XIX still flown today from the Shuttleworth Collection, pictured above.

Developed by Simon Smieman, the package includes both civilian and military versions of the venerable “Annie”, including the floatplane conversion, […]

Lincoln announced by Virtavia

Over at their site, Virtavia have announced that their next project is the RAF’s last piston-engined bomber, the Avro Lincoln.

Only the single solitary screenshot above has been released so far, but more details on the aircraft and project and be found on their Work in Progress page, here.


Milviz Stuka for FSX/P3D released

With its infamous “Jericho Trumpet” siren announcing its arrival, the Ju-87 “Stuka” was one of the most effective ground attack aircraft of the inter-war years and World War 2. Unfortunately its low speed and weak defensive armament made it a sitting duck for almost all single-seat fighters, but unless intercepted, the aircraft’s attacks were accurate […]

Virtavia produces first of the jet bombers

The North American B-45 Tornado was truly the forerunner of an era; the first purpose designed and built pure-jet bomber in the world.

Just in time for the Easter Weekend, Virtavia‘s latest FSX release brings fans of the cold war era two versions of the streamlined quad jet: the B-45A bomber and RB-54C reconnaissance version […]

Area51Sim – B-2A Spirit FS2004

Famous and stealth at the same time, it’s not a contradiction but the Northrop Grumman B-2A.

Area51Sim ended the FS2004 version now put on the market, after the FSX variant.