Just Flight – DHC-3 Otter Released

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DHC-3 Otter from Just Flight

The DHC-3 Otter takes to the skies (and the water). Releasing very soon for FSX and P3D (inc v4)

Posted by Just Flight on […]

Aerosoft – Wilga X P3D V4 Compatible

Easily recognizable, the light Wilga X has been updated by Aerosoft to version 1.30.

A bit slow, quite large, and totally utilitarian, fly this aircraft now in P3D V4. Do you already have it ? This is a free update, enjoy !

MilViz – DHC-2 Spray N’Play Expansion Pack

MilViz sells an expansion for their superb DHC-2 Beaver : 6 new versions of the aircraft are added by the Spray N’Play Expansion Pack.

STOL variants with the STOL wing modification kit, functional crop duster with dyanmic weight. Read all about it at simMarket.


Aeroplane Heaven – Otter Preview

I don’t know if it’s possible to remain calm when you see this, another beautiful project taking shape at Aeroplane Heaven workshop.

Their Otter will be published at Just Flight and will offer a wide variety of models according to your needs and destinations : skis, floats, toundra wheels ..


Milviz – DHC-2 Beaver FSX P3D

Major entry at simMarket with the impressive DHC-2 Beaver model of MilViz, ready to fly in P3D v4-v2 and FSX.

Subsystems simulated and configure the model variant of your choice : skis, floats, toundra wheels etc..

Aeroplane Heaven – DHC-3 Otter

The DHC-3 Otter is a beautiful and efficient aircraft for bush flying, and many of the virtual pilots will certainly be even more excited to read that it’s the popular team of Aeroplane Heaven who is already working on its model for FSX/P3D.

First shots made public of the blank model here.


MilViz – Beaver Preview

Currently in its last Beta stage, the upcoming DHC-2 Beaver of MilViz will be able to fly in both FSX and P3D skies.

Soon, it will be delivered with all variants you have dreamed about : floats, skis, toundra wheels and standard wheels.


CrazyCreatives SDG – Marble Canyon Airport L41

This little strip of Arizona, USA, becomes a wonderful place fullfilled with realistic details and 3D objets in FSX, FSX:SE and P3D.

It’s the first creation of CrazyCreatives SDG now available at simMarket. You are welcome in the community, and discover every corner on top of photoreal textures, custom Autogen, and even landmark as the […]

Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter Extended v1.10

Existing customers of the Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter Extended can update for free of course, and will see the new -100 models added in their aircraft collection.

The -very- complete package is now priced EUR 34.95 (vat incl) and found at simMarket.com.

FS Bush Flying goes African

Africa is a very much overlooked part of the FS world – not only in the Microsoft sim series, but pretty much across the board.

Rolling Cumulus Software, whose normal area of operations covers the backcountry areas of South America, have now expanded into what is sometimes referred to as The Dark Continent with Africa […]