FS Captain V1.8.0 : Upgrade & P3D v4 support

New update for FS Captain : its version 1.8.0 expands the simulators compatibility list to the latest P3D v4.

De-icing facilities and collision with consequences have been announced as new features at the official website.

Download the demo and purchase the licence at simMarket.


FS Captain v1.7.0

FS Captain announce a major enhancement for this pilot career and airline manager addon.

Beside the compatibility with P3D V3 – added along FSX, FSX:Se, P3D V2, and FS 2004), the software brings important new features : “Minimum Safe Distance, Customs Services, Private Use Airports, and more!” claims the official website. Try the demo for […]

FSCaptain Update to 1.5 released

FSCaptain has been updated to version 1.5, bringing a number of enhancements and updates to the package, which simulates life as an airline captain – giving you the “career mode” many wish for, but without the airline micro-management functions that other similar packages have. As the product description says, “you are there to […]

REX Simair development

Adding a pilot career system to Flight Simulator enables the simmer to enhance his experience with goals to achieve, makes him care more to the virtual passengers with better respect of departure and arrival times, and takes in account the flight comfort if he wants to get the best flight result.

That’s what Simair […]

REX Latitude economy turns optional

The young multiplayer pilot community launched by REX, Latitude, will see its economic features change next month in February.

They turn optional and they will be more oriented on aircraft sales, purchases, cash or by credit. Read further details in their forum.


REX Latitude : “Climb the career ladder”

REX team comes with a new solution to make the pilots involvement go further. Latitude gives you access to a multiplayer pilot community with one time fee, at simMarket.

Then, your flights will be integrated within Latitude with flight planning, fuel and payload calculations. Your flights are recorded and scored, so you compete with […]

REX Simair : a career and multiplayer game

Living a virtual career as pilot in FS is challenging, gives some goals, adds fun to the flights, builds a detailed logbook database, and makes you feel to be responsible for the virtual passengers or freight you transport. I’m totally in favor of career addons.

REX want to bring their own and new career […]

FS Captain 1.3.1

If you’re already a regular user of FS Captain tool, this shouldn’t be considered as fresh news at all.

This update has been available for weeks already, it’s better an opportunity to bring some more light on this career and passengers rating solution.

In its last version 1.3.1, FSCaptain can “review or add winds […]

FSPassengers returns to simMarket

If you check today’s new releases at simMarket, you might feel the need to raise an eyebrow at the fact that FSPassengers for FS2004 and FSX is listed… Well, you’d be right. It’s been away, but now it’s back available again, as of today.

If you don’t know […]

FS Captain version 1.2

FS Captain is one of those expansion to adds depth and story in FSX or FS2004, to make you live a Pilot career.

Focused on the pilot duties, your job will be to satisfy your passengers and report to your airline company even in-flight.