Carenado – H25B H850XP HD Series FSX/P3D

Among the midsize bussiness jets, the Hawker 850XP is the best seller. Compared to its predecessor 800XP, he received updated avionics and the winglets that improve a lot its performance.

It’s now ready to fly in FSX or P3D v2 skies thanks to Carenado.


Carenado’s Commander

Presented earlier today via their social media feeds and with pictures now available on their website‘s “Incoming Projects” page, it looks like Carenado have been listening to the community – they’ve announced an Aero Commander 500.

At present, all the screenshots show the partially complete model shown above, but we suspect a lot of […]

Carenado news

If you have recently purchased their H25B H850XP HD Series, you can download an update 1.1 for the Hawker.

On Carenado’s projects side, they reveal this week the first screenshots taken from the interior point of view in the PA31 Navajo, another -future- FSX/P3D product.


Carenado – PC-12 HD Series X-Plane

In the HD Series for X-Plane 10, the Pilatus PC-12 is the third airplane product. Regular customers of Carenado addons always report positive comments about the detailed visuals, the complete manuals, the 3D gauges and night lightings in the virtual cockpit.


New Carenado aircraft in version 3 X-Plane

Among the 16 aircraft of Carenado‘s catalogue at simMarket available in their version 3 for X-Plane, 5 of them are new, freshly landed at the shop.

They make part of the HD Series so you can enjoy really detailed and neat textures from outside to inside. The B200 King Air, C90B King Air, C340, […]

Further Carenado updates for XP10

Once again, we have a swathe of updates from Carenado to their X-Plane fleet to announce as available today, with no fewer than five aircraft and one expansion receiving the XP10.30+ “V3” treatment.

The latest batch includes the C337H Skymaster shown in the video above, plus the CT210M Centurion II, B58 Baron, A36 Bonanza […]

Carenado offer more X-Plane extensions

More of Carenado‘s X-Plane model fleet have been updated to include XP10.30 specific features and mouse wheel support, among other things.

Taking to the skies this week are updates for the F33A and V35 Bonanzas, the C185F Skywagon plus bush expansion pack and the Seneca II piston twin.

Please note that while the new […]

Carenado new product announcement

Via the “Incoming projects” page of their website, Carenado have released a number of images showing their next entry into the business aircraft market – the “S550 Citation II”

Apart from the screenshots, which can be accessed via the link above, nothing much has been announced regarding the features of the aircraft other than it […]

Carenado’s X-Plane GA updates

The PA-28-181 pictured above is one of five Carenado GA models for X-Plane that have been updated to version 3 and are now available, compatible with XP10.30+ only.

The five aircraft upgraded are the PA-28-181 Archer II, C172N Skyhawk II, C152 II, PA32R 301 Saratoga SP and Mooney 201 M20J.

All of the models are […]

Carenado – B1900D X-Plane 10 HD Series

Experience the new HD Series item of Carenado, the Beechcraft B1900D. This twin turboprop is an easy to recognize airplane.

Once launched in X-Plane 10.30, you’ll enjoy the HD textures, 3D gauges, and stereo custom soundset with different liveries included.