Carenado – 690B Turbo Commander FSX P3D

Usually found in the business aviation category, this is your chance to fly it, with the model of Carenado.

690B Turbo Commander comes with all the nice design features, startup procedures and custom sounds you have been used to from this developer.

Carenado – C208 Grand Caravan for X-Plane 11

Look at the next X-Plane 11 aircraft in preparation by Carenado : the famous C208 Grand Caravan is coming soon !

I already imagine it flying somewhere in the Caribbean or the Maldives regions.

Carenado – B200 King Air HD Series X-Plane 11

If like me you have much affection for the B200 King Air, then Carenado have now a very good solution to put your hands on its yoke and fly in X-Plane skies.

Expect very high quality in the 3D shapes, high definition in the textures and especially with PBR features for the latest generation visual […]

Carenado – 3rd Batch of P3D V4 Aircraft

That will definitely widen the general aviation aircraft suggestions for P3D v4 : Carenado made 9 of their addons now compatible with the flight simulator

If you need power to fly high and fast, the PA46 Malibu Mirage, or the Beechcraft B1900D will fit your needs. Registered customers of the previous versions are entitiled for […]

Carenado – More Updated Aircraft for P3D v4

The full list of Carenado aircraft made compatible for P3D V4 is found on their official webpage here.

Below is the second batch of updated packs ready for install and fly in the new version of Lockheed Martin simulator.


Carenado – 390 Premier IA P3D v4/v3 – FSX

Equipped with the original ProLine21 systems and avionics, the 390 Premier IA can fly in P3D v4/v3 and FSX if you get the model from Carenado, instead of spending 2.000.000 $.

Browse the beautiful screenshots and read the features list at simMarket.

Carenado – B1900D HD Series X-Plane 11

New version of the Beech 1900D in the HD Series, Carenado delivers an X-Plane 11 exclusive product.

Among the innovation, you’ll enjoy full PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials and textures for superb shining and reflection effects. After purchase, you will also get access to a free package of 6 high quality liveries.


Carenado and Alabeo – P3D v4 Updates News

Carenado and Alabeo started to make the first P3D V4 updates for their large aircraft collection, in order to just make them compatible in the new flight simulator. Registered customers will be notified by the shop when it’s available, and your original serial key will remain the same with the new installer.

All these updates […]

Carenado – PA31T Cheyenne II HD Series FSX P3D

Including the latest Carenado technical features, the PA31T Cheyenne II innovates with new 3D pilots.

Out of that, you should be used to their dark and cold start options, the various external avionics compatibility, and the Carenado GNS530 directly installed by the pack.

Carenado – E50P Phenom 100 HD Series XP

Pilots eager to fly on modern business jets will need to catch this one if they fly in X-Plane.

With the G1000 Prodigy glass cockpit system, Carenado also modelled original Phenom systems. More features are listed on the E50P Phenom 100 HD Series product page here.