Carenado PC12 interior preview

Despite the gauges have not been added in the virtual cockpit yet, the Pilatius PC12 of Carenado is another demonstration of what Carenado designers can achieve in modelling and texturing.

The latest preview is an invitation onboard the popular PC12 to discover the comfortable seats.


Carenado – CT206H Stationair X-Plane HD Series

Be a virtual owner of the CT206H Stationair in X-Plane virtual world now. You need at least the version 10.21 or higher.

Carenado mounted 3D gauges on the panel, and they also used high definition textures, a high quality soundset.

Carenado Seneca V preview

The Piper Seneca V is a modern and comfortable airplane from a passenger point of view. It’s even better from a pilot or lucky owner point of view : the wide cabin allows to load three Garmin G1000 unit, and it’s an economic twin piston aircraft compared to its competitors.

Carenado is working on [...]

Carenado new products for FSX/P3D and X-Plane

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Whether you fly in FSX/P3D or X-Plane 10 skies, Carenado have something new for you. Both are adapted for executive flights, but the FSX/P3D model is a [...]

Carenado B200 flies to X-Plane

As they are one of the most prolific cross-platform developers in the FS industry, it is unsurprising that Carenado yesterday added their B200 business turboprop to the list of their packages available for X-Plane 10.

As the list of features Carenado provide on their site is so long, if you’re an X-Plane pilot interested in [...]

350hp for the PA46 Malibu Mirage by Carenado in XP

The latest Carenado GA aircraft model is a PA46 Malibu Mirage powered by a 350hp engine for X-Plane 10.21 or higher.

Its numerous features include HD textures, 3D gauges, and many other advanced features like realistic sounds with special effects.

New Synchro-soft Soundset for C208 Grand Caravan

This 5 minutes long video lets you discover how sounds the engine of the C208 Grand Caravan after having installed the new FSX soundset of Synchro-soft.

They combined it with Carenado’s model but you are free to choose your aircraft model. Its price is set at EUR 5.80 vat excluded at simMarket.

Carenado Phenom 100 almost ready

Carenado uploaded what may the last preview screenshots series they share with the community until they open the sales of the Phenom 100.

It’s not their typical aircraft type, a business jet, but the 3D model accuracy and textures quality are (typical !).

Carenado B1900D released

Carenado‘s B1900D has been released and is available to purchase through their online store.

Developed from the KingAir, the B1900 is a staple of many air services and feeder airlines around the world, with the Carenado ‘D’ model featuring the first flight management system to be installed into a package from that developer, along with [...]

New screenshots of Carenado B1900D & Phenom

Carenado haveupdated their website with a number of screenshots of their upcoming B1900D turboprop airliner and Phenom 100 jet – parts of their “HD Series” of aircraft for FSX/P3D.

The screenshots, which can be found by clicking on “Incomings projects” [sic] at their site show both interior and exterior of both aircraft, giving an idea [...]