Carenado – Phenom 300 Released

Carenado’s Phenom 300 has been released for $39.99. Although it has the same G1000 it will have an upgrade released soon for $4.95 limited time which will bring you navigraph and VNAV support. We should see it on simMarket sometime soon…


Carenado – Navajo PA-31 Now on simMarket

Carenado’s Navajo PA-31 is now available on simMarket. It is for FSX/P3D and offers 4096×4096 HD VC textures along with Flight1 GTN 750 and Reality XP GNS530 integration although they need to be purchased separately. For more information on other things it offers, take a look at the stores description. If you have any […]

Carenado – Navajo PA31 Released


Carenado’s Navajo PA31 has been released for FSX/P3D and offers 4096×4096 HD VC textures along with Flight1 GTN 750 and Reality XP GNS530 integration although they need to be purchased separately. It can currently be purchased on their site above and will be available on simMarket sometime soon.


Carenado – Phenom 300 Previews

The guys over at Carenado have released some more Phenom 300 shots! This time includes, what it seems like, fully completed exterior and interior which looks close to finishing. Although no displays are lit up yet and they are still working on that. Shouldn’t be hard because they wont have to develop it from […]

Carenado – PA31 Navajo Final Previews

Carenado have released their “Final Shots” of their PA31 Navajo. They also announced a release date of 30th July and a price of $37.95. We generally don’t get release dates in the FS community but when we do? Its a great feeling. It will feature: Flight1 GTN 750 integration, Reality XP GNS530 (Only for […]

Carenado G1000 Announced For X-Plane

Here’s a nice little announcement for all X-Plane pilots: Carenado have a G1000 created for their range of X-Plane products. The first product to be released which will feature this update is the CT182T Skylane which shall be available “Soon” according to themselves. The features are as follows: Full topographic color map, Terrain awareness […]

Carenado – CJ2 Previews

Carenado have released multiple interior images (and some exterior) for their upcoming Citation CJ2. The interior is looking beautiful and as you can see the systems in the flightdeck is still awaiting the implementation. Head to their Page for more images.

Carenado – H25B H850XP HD Series FSX/P3D

Among the midsize bussiness jets, the Hawker 850XP is the best seller. Compared to its predecessor 800XP, he received updated avionics and the winglets that improve a lot its performance.

It’s now ready to fly in FSX or P3D v2 skies thanks to Carenado.


Carenado’s Commander

Presented earlier today via their social media feeds and with pictures now available on their website‘s “Incoming Projects” page, it looks like Carenado have been listening to the community – they’ve announced an Aero Commander 500.

At present, all the screenshots show the partially complete model shown above, but we suspect a lot of […]

Carenado news

If you have recently purchased their H25B H850XP HD Series, you can download an update 1.1 for the Hawker.

On Carenado’s projects side, they reveal this week the first screenshots taken from the interior point of view in the PA31 Navajo, another -future- FSX/P3D product.


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