SimCoders Update their Reality Expansion Packs for Carenado XP

With the Reality Expansion Packs of SimCoders for Carenado and Laminar aircraft in X-Plane, the added systems and realistic features are stunning : engine, dynamics, damage, maintenance, battery, souds, interactive walkaround and towing etc..

They have updated all their packs with even more features for free, including “Stunning sounds : 3D sounds (custom FMOD-like […]

Carenado 7th Batch of P3D4 Updates

More Carenado aircraft have been updated for free to make them usable in P3D v4. If you have one of the following models, get the update with the new purchase at not charge.

C172N Skyhawk II Float FSX/P3D C172N Skyhawk II Ski FSX/P3D C172N Skyhawk II FSX/P3D C152 II FSX/P3D T34B Mentor FSX/P3D


Carenado – PA42 Cheyenne III FSX P3D

Piper Aircraft initiated the commercial launch of their PA42 Cheyenne III in 1980, capable of a max speed at 314 kt, 2270 nm of range and 9 passengers max.

The twin turboprop has been reproduced by Carenado with their usual and advanced features, including the GNS 530, for both P3D v4-v2 and FSX.


Carenado News

Any Carenado aircraft equipped with the G1000 avionics can receive this fantastic system upgrade that will add SVS (Synthetic Vision). Instead of the blue over brown background, the advanced system consist of a 3D terrain display with terrain elevation, water surfaces, all based on navigation data. What do you need first ? FSX, or […]

Carenado – Do 228-100 HD Series XP11

It’s easy to recognize its protuberant nose, and you will be able to count the rivets on it with the new Carenado model for X-Plane 11 in their HD Series.

The Do 228-100 comes from the former German manufacturer Dornier that launched the aircraft in 1982.

Carenado S550 Citation II FSX/P3D New V2

Carenado started their update plan to rebuild their FSX P3D fleet to integrate new technologies. Minor bugs are also corrected at the same time announced the developer and publisher team.

That’s why is coming the new version 2 of their S550 Citation II, fully compatible with P3D v4 and other common platformes like P3D v3/v2 […]

Carenado – 5th Batch Of P3D V4 Updates

Carenado has now a wide range of P3D v4 compatible aircraft for you to select from, and it’s expanded again by this fifth batch of updated models :

B200 King Air HD Series FSX/P3D C90B King Air HD Series FSX/P3D V35B Bonanza FSX/P3D F33A Bonanza FSX/P3D PA28 181 Archer II FSX/P3D

If you are a […]

Carenado – F50 Preview

“Work in progress” mentions Carenado in their post showing off the exterior model of their F50 currently in development.

Fokker designed this turboprop and then produced it between mid-80’s and 1997 in order to take down the old F27 by seriously upgrading the aerodynamism efficiency and the avionics.


Carenado – C172SP Skyhawk G1000 FSX P3D

The impressive reproduction of the Cessna C12SP Skyhawk equipped with the Carenado G1000 with SVS feature is now available at simMarket.

The Synthetic Vision System replaces the common artificial horizon with blue over brown by a 3D terrain display based on a navigation data, with terrain elevation and water surfaces database for instance.


Carenado – G1000 SVS Tutorial Video

Carenado will help you managing the SVS display features and options of their G1000 gauge.

The Synthetics Vision and Pathways Option can be activated and deactivated. Various items can be also displayed on the main screen and you will learn how to manage all that with this video.