Simcoders enhance Carenado Bonanza V35

Simcoders hit the stores again with another Reality Expansion pack, this time for Carenado’s Bonanza V35 in X-Plane 10.

Combine the advanced visuals and beautiful 3D model with the realistic simulation of the engine, the flight and ground dynamics, complex damages system brought by Simcoders.

You need first Carendo Bonanza V35 for X-Plane, and the […]

Carenado 500S Shrike Aero Commander Released

Today marks the release of Carenado’s latest product; the 500S Shrike Aero Commander. Currently, it is only available on their web store although I’d expect it to be available on simMarket and other vendors shortly.

Carenado Aero Commander 500S – Final Previews

Carenado has just posted a small “final” gallery of previews on their Facebook Page today ahead of the release. Now that their final previews have been posted, I’d expect it to be released very soon. Stay tuned for the release.

Carenado – HD Series version 2 of TBM 850 HD and SR22 GTSx Turbo

Carenado just launched at simMarket the new version 2 of their Cirrus and Socata aircraft models for FSX and P3D.

Compared to the previous product, new features have been added like the GCU 475 (or 700) Control Unit along the Carenado G1000 PFD and MFD), the new 3D knobs technology with the sounds when […]

Carenado – 525A Citation CJ2 HD

If you watch the above video, you will quickly get it’s not an official but a review video with in depth visit and analysis of this new business jet features.

Carenado’s 525A Citation CJ2 HD for FSX and P3D comes with an impressive work on both 3D modelling and textures, numerous animations in the […]

Carenado – 525A Citation CJ2 Released

Carenado’s long awaited Citation CJ2 has been released today. Although It’s currently available on their web store at the moment, I’d expect it to be available through vendors in a few weeks. Original Pro Line 21 systems are included with a working Navigraph FMS pre loaded with Airac cycle 1310. To purchase the Carenado […]

Carenado – Aero Commander 500S Getting Ready

Carenado are back and getting ready for the release of their Aero Commander 500S. Previews are flowing onto Facebook and I would generally expect it to be released not too long after this post. It’s coming, and rather soon I hope! Enjoy the previews below, and you may find the others on their Facebook […]

Carenado – SR22 GTSx Turbo for X-Plane

The lovely SR22 GTSx Turbo of Carenado is ready for takeoff in X-Plane sky.

To navigate and enhance your flight experience, you can use the G1000 PFD/MFD, and the GFC 700 Control Unit (an automatic flight control system by Garmin). It requires X-Plane 10.30 or higher.


Carenado – Aero Commander 500S Interior Previews

Carenado are currently doing a good job keeping us in the loop with the progress of their Aero Commander over on their Facebook page. They have recently published a range of interior previews and it’s looking extremely nice so far.


Carenado – CJ2 New Previews

Carenado have released yet another batch of previews for their upcoming CJ2 on their Facebook Page. They also slightly touched upon the fact that it should be coming soon and that they’re doing avionics and systems testing currently. Hopefully it’s actually not too long away and that we’ll see it soon.