Carenado – F406 Caravan v1.1 Update Released

Carenado have made available a v1.1 update package for their F406 Caravan. IAS behavior fixed, overuse of engine causes a malfunction and many more can be expected as stated in their original press release. To get the update, customers should download the package again from the link provided upon purchase. If you haven’t already […]

Carenado – Dornier 228 Announced

Carenado have announced their latest project; the Dornier 228! They included 6 images showcasing the early stages of the external view and depending how far they are, we may see it before the end of the year? Wouldn’t put it past them.. stay tuned for more progress on their Facebook page and to purchase […]

Carenado – F406 Caravan Released

Carenado have released their F406 Caravan today at a cost of $37.95. Currently, it can only be found on their web store as always, before it will be pushed to other vendors after a few weeks of being on sale.

Carenado – F406 Caravan Final Previews

Carenado have released their “Final” previews before release of their upcoming F406 Caravan project. Hopefully it won’t be too long before its released in general, and then onto simMarket.

Carenado – Navigraph Expansion Pack v1.2 Released

Carenado have released their v1.2 update of the Phenom 300 Navigraph Expansion pack. v1.2 brings new patches in a bid to resolve problems with the Flight Plan when trying to add or modify some waypoints, some departures not showing and also a few other “minor” fixes. To get your update, simply head to where […]

Carenado – F406 Caravan II

Over on their Facebook page, Carenado have release multiple previews of their upcoming F406 Caravan project simply stating that It’s getting ready and is coming soon. Hopefully it wont be too long!

Carenado – Phenom 300 Navigraph Expansion Pack Released (simMarket)

Carenado’s newly released Phenom 300 Navigraph expansion pack can now be found on simMarket. Currently, It’s 41% off until the 20th September before reverting back to full price. If you happen to purchase the Carenado Phenom 300 today, then this expansion pack is certainly for you!


Carenado – Phenom 300 Now on simMarket

Carenado’s latest release, the Phenom 300, can now be found over on simMarket. Having covered the release a few weeks ago, all people who have held out to buy it on simMarket can now do so.

Carenado – Phenom 300 Expansion Released

Carenado have just released their Phenom 300 Expansion! The expansion includes Navigraph support! Yay! It’s currently available for $5.95 for only 10 days and then the normal price hasn’t been announced get. Get yours today over on their Store.

Carenado – Phenom 300 Released

Carenado’s Phenom 300 has been released for $39.99. Although it has the same G1000 it will have an upgrade released soon for $4.95 limited time which will bring you navigraph and VNAV support. We should see it on simMarket sometime soon…