Creative Design Studios – Introducing Black Marble…

Chris Bell of the Creative Design Studios team recently reached out to us with some information about one of their upcoming products; Black Marble. With newly developed in house technology and fully integrated with NEXM (Night Environments control panel) it certainly looks like an interesting project! For a vast range of previews, and more […]

Night Environnement X Manager v1.2 for P3Dv3

Users of Night Environment products series developed by Chris Bell / Aerosoft can have an update to use them with the new Prepar3D V3.

Night Environment X Manager NEXM) can go to version 1.2 with the file found here. To be able to run your Night Environment installers, just select the proper directory where P3D […]

Aerosoft – Night Environment France

To get lit all major and almost all minor roads in France, there is now Aerosoft Night Environment France at simMarket.

The designer Chris Bell also added a management tool so you can set up the lights per category, country and subregion.

[…] interview Chris Bell

Our German colleagues over at recently interviewed Night Environment X developer Chris Bell about his product and involvement in the hobby.

As the original interview was carried out in English, we’re pleased to be able to reproduce it here for you, which you can read by clicking “Read more“. Alternatively, both language versions […]

Aerosoft – Night Environment Sweden FSX/P3D

Aerosoft and Chris Bell comes with their Night environment database for Sweden, in FSX and P3D.

When you install the 1,16 Gb scenery product, there will be much more roads and realistically rendered in the simulator thanks to the new lighting effects.

Aerosoft Night Environment – Denmark

The night effects and road illuminations by Aerosoft and Chris Bell expand to a new country in Europe : Denmark.

It works in FSX or P3D v2.3, all further information will be at simMarket.

Aerosoft Night Environment X Alps

Night Environment X exists now also to cover the Alps in Switzerland, Austria and Liecthtenstein.

To give you an idea of the result in FSX, there’s a free demo over Berlin, Germany, that you can download on this product page.

Aerosoft – Night Environment X Italy

Lovers of Italy have a new toy suggested by Chris Bell and Aerosoft.

“All major roads and most minor roads” receive new night illumination effects that you will see all over the country. Click here for more screenshots and purchase Night Environment X Italy.


Aerosoft – Night Environment FSX Israel

For people attracted by night time flying or for airliners pilots landing late in Isreal, Night Environment FSX Israel covers the entire country major roads, and also most part of the minor ones with new and realistic night lighting effects.

It’s compatible with Steve FX DX10 fixer, third party sceneries and features also configurable abilities.


Aerosoft – Night Environment California FSX

Chris Bell and Aerosoft keep on covering more popular regions around the world, with the new title Night Environment California FSX, the previous one was Dubai (for all United Arab Emirates with Abu Dhabi).

All this US state is enhanced with more night light spots, accurately placed according to real life data. It’s also […]