Just Flight – DC-8 Jetliner Series 50-70

The Classic DC-8 with its variants 50-70 from Just Flight are now available for purchase at simMarket, including the three kinds of virtual cockpit, analog gauges, with FMS, and with glass cockpit.

The Livery Packs 1 and 2 are also available to expand your choice of airlines liveries.


JustFlight – L-1011 TriStar Professional Update

This is an update notification to please P3D V4 pilots of the L-1011 TriStar Professional to fix the crash-to-desktop issues in that particular simulator.

A new installer file from Just Flight has replaced your old one in your user account downloads.

Fly The Maddog X – Beta Preview In Flight

Shot during the Beta test flights, the exterior body of Fly The Maddog X is showcased in their Facebook preview album.

Click here and have a look.

Just Flight – L-1011 and TB-10/TB-20 in P3D V4

The British publisher confirmed the P3D V4 compatibility for two popular addons more : their L-1011 TriStar Professional that uses HD textures, crisp and clear 3D gauges, advanced FMS and 4 variants.

The other pack features both TB-10 Tobago and TB-20 Trinidad : very high definition textures, vibration effects, failures, custom coded fuel and electrical […]

Fly The Maddog X – More Pics

More screenshots have been captured during the Beta test of Fly The Maddog X, the new version of the very advanced and realistic MD-80 in development.

Leonardo SH is getting ready to captivate again numerous hardcore simmers willing to fly the Classic airliner with the accurate systems simulation and even failures.


TSS – 747 Pratt & Whitney JT-9D-7R4 Pilot Edition

The Pilot Edition series are soundsets recorded from real airliners in high fidelity as heard from the cockpit, to produce the most realistic audio experience for the virtual pilot.

Turbine Sound Studios bring now their recordings of an actual JT-9D-7R4 engines mounted on a good old Boeing 747. The variants that used those engines […]

JustFlight – One-Eleven 300/400/500 FSX P3D

First addon of Just Flight full compatible with P3D v4, but also working with FSX and P3D v3, the BAC One-Eleven brings to our simulator a popular classic airliner and as a complete package.

You will get at once the -300/-400/-500 variants, with their respective virtual cockpit (2 versions) and airlines liveries. Read more […]

TFDi Design – Boeing 717 in Beta soon

I bet this is an airliner expansion that you are following closely. And you should look to it even closer very soon.

TFDi Design announce their Boeing 717 is approaching Beta here.

Just Flight – DC-10 Collection HD 10-40

simMarket has something that will fit with your needs of vintage airliners addons. Get the DC-10 Collection pack, including variants 10 to 40 of the beautiful airplane with 19 HD liveries.

Designed by CLS for Just Flight, it is a F-Lite range product, mixing nice visuals and animations, with easy to access simulation for […]

Just Flight – One Eleven “close to release”

The British publisher has just announced that their classic One Eleven, including all variants 300/400/500, is getting “close to release”.

To complete your information about the upcoming product, you may visit the product page to get the detailed features and more commercial screenshots taken of the Beta model.