PMDG – DC-6 Cloudmaster (P3D) Review

In June 2016, PMDG released the Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster for X-Plane, their first foray into that platform. Early in the summer of 2017, the same classic airplane was released for FSX and P3D. Quite a bit different from the Boeing airliners PMDG released the last couple of years, so let’s see how they did.


PMDG – Douglas DC-6 Video Preview

Currently available for X-Plane only, PMDG follow their plan to adapt their Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster also for FSX and P3D.

Thanks to one their Beta tester, the above video introduce the upcoming addon and its systems already functioning in the popular flight simulators.

PMDG DC-6 Update – Beta Testing Nearly Finished

Another PMDG update has been posted last night. You may find the full press release and the associated previews below, or also on the Avsim Forum.


PMDG DC-6 360 Degrees Video Release!

Over on their Facebook page, the PMDG team have just released a video showing a 360 degrees view of the cockpit for their upcoming DC-6 for X-Plane 10. Take a look at the video and let us know what you think!



PMDG – DC-6 Preview Video Beta

Sourced from a Beta tester (and real life copilot) of the PMDG – DC-6 currently in development for X-Plane 10, this video shows some of the features and the night look of the virtual cockpit at this stage of progress.

PMDG – New DC-6 Preview

A quick snapshot of the future DC-6 by PMDG for X-Plane has been published via Facebook. Click here.

PMDG DC-6 Video Preview

Yesterday, A video has emerged by Kyle Rodgers showcasing the PMDG DC-6 live in video. Enjoy!

PMDG – DC-6 X-Plane Previews

Some Beta previews have emerged of the DC-6 being made by PMDG. Included below is most of the previews so head over to their post on Avsim to see the rest as they emerge.

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X-Plane News

Many things are happening in the world of X-Plane: Update of the TwinOtter by RWDesigns to version 1.1 +++ There is a new NOAA Plugin (version 2) at or on the webpage of the developer which handles upper level winds and smooth weather changes +++ First Infos about the X-Plane 10.40 alpha version+++ Next […]

A rare opportunity… for a rare individual!

Over at their forums on Avsim, PMDG head Robert Randazzo has put out a call for beta testers on their upcoming “PMDG Classics” DC-6 package.

Before you all rush to apply, however, the request has a significant caveat in that you have to have real world experience flying or maintaining one of these increasingly rare […]