MilViz – DHC-3 Otter FSX P3D

Successor of the DHC-2 Beaver, here’s the DHC-3 Otter modelled by MilViz.

4 body variants and multiple cargo loadouts are available. Among the technical features, let’s mention the icing effects on the airframe, the MilViz/REX weather radar is included, and the accurately simulated KAP 140 autopilot.


Just Flight – DHC-3 Otter FSX P3D

A single engine, but 4 variants and two cockpit styles (modern / classic) are waiting for the pilots interested in the DHC-3 Otter pack by Just Flight, available for download at simMarket.

Jump in and fly, don’t worry about the kind of bush you want to fly to : there’s the variant you need.


Just Flight – DHC-3 Otter Extensive Preview

The complete set of preview screenshots and the detailed features list are now visible at Just Flight website.

Discover more info about the upcoming DHC-3 Otter ! Still in development for all P3D versions and FSX.

Just Flight – DHC-3 Otter Preview

The British developers are still working their DHC-3 Otter, and it will come with different cockpit styles, including the modern variant.

In the 1950’s, the Otter was intended to fly the same missions of a DHC-2 Beaver with a bigger body. Later, the DHC-6 Twin Otter appeared with twin turboprop engines.


Milviz – DHC-2 Beaver FSX P3D

Major entry at simMarket with the impressive DHC-2 Beaver model of MilViz, ready to fly in P3D v4-v2 and FSX.

Subsystems simulated and configure the model variant of your choice : skis, floats, toundra wheels etc..

Just Flight – DH.104 Dove & Devon

Right after the end of the Second World War, the DH.104 Dove & Devon flew for its first first in September 1945.

Just Flight is reproducing a model for FSX and P3D. They have just added 2 new preview screenshots that I’ll let you appreciate here.


Just Flight – DH104 Dove & Devon Preview

It’s already the second preview of the turboprop manufactured by De Havilland after the Second World War until the mid 1960’s.

Discover the extra features of the DH104 when it’s parked, its 3D model details and animated parts and doors at Facebook.


Just Flight projects : BAC 1-11 and DH.104

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The British company announce two projects via Facebook : BAC 1-11, and DH.104.

Also known as ‘One […]

Just Planes Trans Maldivian DHC-6 Blu-Ray

It’s a marvellous place where we’re travelling with the latest Blu-Ray video of Just Planes.

Thanks to Trans Maldivian airways, we have our seat booked to fly to the paradisiac islands of the Indian Ocean onboard the De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter, with floaters of course. Unique views and multiples cameras set, including view […]

New FSX freeware : Milton Shupe’s Dash 7

Milton Shupe, Mike Kelly, and George Arana bring to the community a new freeware with a FSX native model of the Dash 7.

If you’ve liked much the FS9 previous creation, this one will behave perfectly in FSX. Already tested by other fans, it looks like to work well in DirectX 10 beta mode. Click […]