Flight Sim World – SDK Released

Dovetail Games announce that “it’s time to create” content, with the release of their Software Development Kit to allow users and designers to create more add-ons for Flight Sim World.

Here is the SDK, and there’s a note from Stephen Hood, FSW Executive Producer, about that topic.


Train Sim World – “Rapid Transit” for Germany

After the USA and the United Kingdom, Train Sim World introduce the third country to visit : Germany, with their upcoming Rapid Transit add-on, featuring Leipzig S2 Line.

You will drive the Bombardier Talent 2, also coded DB BR 1442.

Train Simulator 2018 Available

Launch Steam and Dovetail Games will update you to Train Simulator 2018. It’s a free upgrade if you already have TS2017, without content change.

Fresh new customers who purchase TS2018 will receive 3 routes included : Garmish-Partenkirchen/Innsbruck, North Wales Coastal and Peninsula Corridor San Francisco with their respective rolling stock. (DB BR 442 and OBB […]

Flight Sim World – Development Plan

A recent post of Dovetail Games details the future plans of development for Flight Sim World.

The biggest feature to be implemented will be dynamic weather (note the difference with real time weather) and the aircraft systems improvement including the GPS before they can implement other aircraft type that need IFR and reliable avionics.


Flight Sim World – Update 14

Flight Sim World updates counter raised to 14. Dovetail Games aimed at fixing a few aircraft items, and other flight lessons issues.

The Pro Mission Editor has been positively impacted too as you can see in their changelog.

Flight Sim World – PBR Effects Before / After

With the latest update 13, Flight Sim World can now take advantage of Physically Based Rendering materials.

In order to let us appreciate how PBR effects look, Dovetail Games published a few screenshots before / after.

Flight Sim World – Update #13

Today, Dovetail Games has another update for Flight Sim World. The Physically Based Rendered textures are now integrated on all the default aircraft : the materials look is greatly enhanced.

Their advanced weather system trueSKY receives another bunch of improvements at the same time.


Train Sim World – Great Western Express Screenshots

Since a few days, Train Sim World users have tried Great Western Express, the British DLC with passengers activities along the 35 miles railway between London Paddington and Reading.

Despite of a few graphic or sound bugs reported here and there, and the short drive, some users are proud of the graphics engine powered by […]

Flight Sim World – Update 12 Online

Open Dovetail Games forum to find the detailed content of this Update 12 for Flight Sim World.

The Force Feedback ability has returned so you can activate the option if you don’t experience a crash at loading the sim. Still in early access, the flight sim can also receive the first payware DLC from Dovetail […]

Flight Sim World Update 10

The new update 10 for FSW is ready for the pilots. The changelog may look shorter than in previous updates but the team will bring more updates to trueSKY weather system in the next updates.