Liberty Jump Team At Oshkosh

In a press release on Airventire 2010, the EAA reports that “…… A parachute team originally formed in 2006 to commemorate the World War II D-Day invasion will make its first appearance at AirVenture Oshkosh 2010. The Liberty Jump Team (not to be confused with long-time Oshkosh participants, the Liberty Parachute Team) will […]

DC-3 Turns 74

DC-3’s birthday this week. It flew first time on December 17th 1935 in southern California and will turn 75 next year. There will be a major celebration at Oshkosh 2010, organized by the EAA, to that fact. It will include special programming throughout the Oshkosh event to honor this very special aircraft that […]

News For All Of Us DC-3 Fans

The EAA, organizer of Oshkosh, reports about their plans to hold the world’s largest and probably final DC-3 meet on their premises next year. “…. What could be the largest Douglas DC-3/C-47 gathering in more than 60 years will be a centerpiece of the aviation activities at EAA AirVenture 2010, “The World’s Greatest […]

Air Venture 2009 Update !

The famous EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) Oshkosh event has started yesterday, hosting more than 1500 aircraft and their pilots over the next weeks. This is the largest aviation ‘ meet’Â in the world and Oshkosh is the Mekka of the aircraft ‘home builders’ and other aviation enthusiasts. You can listen to the EAA […]

Join A ‘Real-aviation’ Network!

Many of you are not only flightsimmers, but also interested in, and often even part of, real aviation. So I’ll draw your attention to a new initiative of the EAA, the organization that is responsible (among other things) for organizing the famous Air Venture at Oshkosh. The EAA is setting […]

Don’t Forget Oshkosh!

It’s that time of the year again that aviation lovers’ hearts start pounding faster. Oshkosh is nearing and opening its doors on July 27th ! EAA Air Venture is the world’s largest air ‘meet’ in the world, set up as a fly-in for experimental aircraft builders, but grown out to be much more. […]