Eaglesoft – Cessna Citation X VC Preview

While the main body has an advanced development status with 3D shapes and textures applied, the 3D virtual cockpit is still in the mesh design stage.

Nevertheless, it’s always a curiosity to enter the preview album of the Cessna Citation X by Eaglesoft. Note that this product will be made for FSX and P3D v3. […]

Eaglesoft Development Group News

The numerous simmers enjoying the business aviation had to own minimum one product of Eaglesoft Development Group, and their third generation products will feature : Citation X, Citation XLS+, and Challenger 605, with the first release planned for early 2018.

BUT, none of them will be compatible with P3D v4 as the group announce that […]

Eaglesoft Development Group – Cessna Citation X Early 3D

Eaglesoft Facebook page has edited more regular news for the past weeks, revealing that the development team must be busy on various projects at the same time.

One of them is taking shape : the popular Cessna Citation X will come as a new generation addon !


Eaglesoft – Challenger Experimental 605 Preview

This is a picture shot in the work-in-progress virtual cockpit designed in 3D by Eaglesoft for their upcoming Challenger Experimental 605.

Wait, there’s even better with the overhead, and a wonderful passengers cabin already showing great texturing skills ! Fans of Bombardier manufacturer or business jets, this is for you !


Eaglesoft – Citation XLS+ Preview

Launched in early 2015, the project Citation XLS+ under development by Eaglesoft Development Group shows its progress on the exterior model via Facebook.

The XLS+ is in the medium range of the Cessna Citation catalogue, with a maximum autonomy of 2100nm for up to 12 passengers.


Eaglesoft – Citation X Extreme V2 now for P3D v3

Good news that will make happy the fans of business jets, they are allowed to fly now the Citation X Extreme V2 of Eaglesoft in Prepar3D v3 too, beside FSX and FSX:SE.

The installer for Lockheed Martin flight simulator has been added to the same product purchase, here at simMarket.


Eaglesoft – Cessna Citation XLS+ 3.0 preview

Lovers of business aviation are always used to Eaglesoft DG aircraft. Their current project is another twin jet, the Cessna Citation XLS+ 3.0.

Their facebook page gives public access to the preview screenshots, both from exterior and interior view with nice pics of the 3D virtual cockpit.


Eaglesoft DG – Cirrus SR22GTSX for P3Dv2

The pack 3.0 of Cirrus SR22GTSX is now also available for Prepar3D v2. Eaglesoft Development Group has enough years in the FS community to know well their customers expectations, so they thought about including the integration of the Flight1 Garmin GTN 650 and 750 in both 2D panels and 3D virtual cockpit.

The following […]