Aerosoft – Airport Frankfurt XP X-Plane 11

The second most airport in Europe is ready for X-Plane 11 at simMarket : Frankfurt EDDF.

Aerosoft included animated road traffic, X-Life compatibility and advanced visual features of XP11 like “3D spill lights and glass reflections”.

Aerosoft – Stuttgart and Frankfurt PRO P3D4

Aerosoft made numerous enhancements to the existing sceneries of Stuttgart EDDS and Mega Airport Frankfurt EDDF, to be able to appreciate more than just the P3D V4 Compatibility.

These Professional versions are exclusive P3D V4 products and they are made with the latest SDK, with new shadows, lights and optimization.


Aerosoft – Frankfurt EDDF X-Plane Preview

Very popular and not only among the German community, Frankfurt EDDF is a new X-Plane project announced by Aerosoft that will certainly raise high interest.

Go browsing the screenshots uploaded to the support forum here.

Aerosoft – Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 FS2004

Is Flight Simulator 2004 ‘A Century of Flight’ still your regular sim ? Get the up-to-date version of Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 now !

See how EDDF is today. The second busiest airport of all Europe has been designed by the German Airports Team for Aerosoft.


Aerosoft – Mega Airport Frankfurt V2

With Mega Airport version 2, Aerosoft and the German Airports Team revisit Germany’s largest airport. Let’s take a look and see how this remake turned out!


Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 official trailer

Without specific release information announced other than “available soon”, Aerosoft reveal the official trailer of Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 !

The largest airport of Germany comes in a new version for FSX and P3D, with advanced 3D models, high resolution textures and animations.

Aerosoft – Frankfurt V2 previews

Finally, new screenshots of the in-development scenery Frankfurt V2 are flowing in the Aerosoft previews forum.

You can see some of the best pics at Facebook, but you will load much more of them with technical details on the memory usage via the first link.


Flightbeam – Status Update EDDF/KMSP

Flightbeam have released a status update a couple of days ago, with information stating what exactly is going on with their Frankfurt and Minneapolis rendition, amongst other things. Some bad news for EDDF although its good to hear KMSP is still going on well and as planned.


FlightBeam Studios 2014/2015 projects

FlightBeam Studios have news that we report here. There are a new logo and website design to look at

More important, their news feed section reveal that after KSFO HD 2015, FlightBeam will run 2 airports projects at the same time : EDDF Frankfurt and KMSP Minneapolis.


Help request – Frankfurt RealOPS 2014

VATSIM Germany‘s “Frankfurt RealOps 2014” is looking for pilots to take on the task of recreating real-world traffic flows into and out of one of Europe’s largest hub airports.

Almost 400 flights to and from Frankfurt (EDDF) are available for booking, with full details available via the event website, here, or the VATSIM forums, here.