FlyTampa – Amsterdam EHAM Update 1.1

Owners of Amsterdam Schipol scenery by FlyTampa have a pending update to download : version 1.1 fixes a few details and add various items.

Download link and full content are found in the developers forum.

FlyTampa – Amsterdam Schipol EHAM is ready !

This is a pretty exciting release just a few days before Christmas ! FlyTampa grants the community with their new airport for FSX and P3D : Amsterdam Schipol EHAM.

Home of the KLM airline, it’s the 14th airport in the world, and 5th in Europe,ranked by total passengers per year, Their scenery includes 3D terrain, […]

FlyTampa – Amsterdam EHAM progress

Hub of KLM, Amsterdam Schipol EHAM makes part of the few main European airports that we need as updated sceneries in our simulators.

Fortunately, FlyTampa will fill this gap in Netherlands. Now that we can see the vehicles integrated and the buildings details, it shouldn’t be too long to wait for it.


FlyTampa Amsterdam Preview Released

On the FlyTampa Facebook page, they recently posted the following in addition to the lovely screenshot above.

“From Emilios : Another sneaky shot, l think i’m becoming an expert at those! It’s getting close, so won’t be long before full screenshots”. The fact that they mention how it’s getting close is certainly a great […]

FlyTampa Amsterdam – Gloriously Detailed

FlyTampa are back, having just posted another spectacular preview of Schiphol over on their Forum. The previews just seem to be getting better, and it’s certainly progressing at a staggering rate. It also appears that dynamic reflections in P3D v3 seem to be present in the screenshot (or so I think), which certainly looks […]

Amsterdam Schipol in Airport Madness World Edition

Airport Madness World Edition users will be happy to receive another free airport : Amsterdam Schipol.

The famous European hub in Netherlands has been included in the last update published by Big Fat Simulations.

FlyTampa prepares Amsterdam

Tired of your old Amsterdam Schipol EHAM scenery ? The above tower picture is the premise of FlyTampa’s addon.

The designers behind this project are the ones who recently made Copenhagen.

NL2000 – EHAM Amsterdam Schipol preview


NL2000 Scenery team members are working on a new version of the freeware airport EHAM Amsterdam Schipol to blend into their whole photoreal scenery of the Netherlands.

It looks promising but there’s a good amount of work left.

Aerosoft – Amsterdam Schipol for X-Plane 10

Amsterdam Schipol is in the top 5 of European busiest airports.

And now with Aerosoft, you can taxi and overfly a detailed rendition of EHAM airport in X-Plane 10. Available first as a download product, a boxed version comes later on October 18th.


Aerosoft – Great sceneries in box

Two new boxed products from Aerosoft are highly recommended : Gibraltar X and Mega Airport Amsterdam X.

Both are spectacular in details level and photoreal textures quality. Gibraltar X designed by Sim-Wings has a road crossing the runway, Amsterdam is the main hub of KLM.