FlightSimLabs – A320-X Review

After 6 years of development, Flight Sim Labs finally released on of the most anticipated add-ons of late. Their rendition of the Airbus A320 short to midrange airliner. Let’s take a look.


FSLabs A320 Previews

Little update for those who are wondering, Flight Sim Labs still haven’t lifted the NDA which would allow the testers to post images freely from the beta, although they have posted some of the testers favourite images on their Facebook page. (I’ll add the images here later when I’m at my hotel after my […]

FSLabs update from Lefteris Kalamaris

They’re amongst the quieter developers on the planet, but according to a new forum post by team leader Lefteris Kalamaris, progress on the FlightSimLabs Airbus is described as “We’re doing great.”

The lengthy post describes some of what they are doing, some of what they are still hoping to achive and ends with a statement […]

SimRussia interviews FSLabs

Our simFlight Network sister site ( have posted an interview with Lefteris Kalamaras, Andrew Wilson and Philippe Gleize of flightsimlabs, regarding their in-development A320-X.

The interview can be found here. Fear not the Cyrillic text – while the page and comments are in Russian, the interview itself is in English and can be found […]

FSLabs – A320-X Development update

Systems communications and connections, comparison of performance accuracy tables between a real A320 and A320-X, Electronic Flight Control System (EFCS) modeled for efficient flight behaviour, are some topics discussed by Lefteris Kalamaras, lead developer and founder of Flightsim Labs.

And new screenshots uploaded !

FSL A320 information gathered

Over at the flightsimlabs forums, user “A320DLH” has corrolated as much information as possible about the forthcoming Airbus A320 release into a single post to keep people informed of what is known.

In amongst the information gathered is that there will be two versions of the aircraft – an “entertainment” licensed version for MS FSX […]