Free : Project Airbus A320 FD-FMC

The FD-FMC allows a complete vertical and lateral navigation upon your flight plan of your Project Airbus A320. It’s a new set of freeware gauges you can download along the aircraft package here.

Despite of the non realistic layout, the FD-FMC is easy to use and aims at an introduction to the Flight Management Computer […]

Review: TabletFMC for iDevices

Although this review is of an add-on technically for FS9 and/or X, it should really be listed for “Microsoft FS9 or X, plus iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and a wireless network” – because that’s what you’ll actually need to run it.

TOT Games’ TabletFMC is a payware utility which allows pilots of many system-heavy […]

TabletFMC iPhone / iPad

Apple devices users and looking for a FMC app for a long time will be pleased by the following.

TabletFMC works on your iPad or iPhone (with iOS 5 at least), and it’s compatible with various good addons in FSX and FS2004 : PMDG 737/747/MD-11, iFly 737, QualityWings 757, CaptainSim 757 and more. It […]

VR Insight – CDU II

If you’re into modern airliners, especially those with a lot of ‘glass’ displays, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about how typing in the CDU (Boeing) or MCDU (Airbus) should be easier than using the mouse. The good news is there are several easier, more realistic and better looking hardware solutions. The […]

Freeware x737 for X-Plane 9/10

Airliners pilots using X-Plane 10 or 9 should get in touch with European Aircraft Developer Team to fly their x737, a freeware model now in version 4.5.

Have a look at their videos here and take advantage of these web-based checklists. Then you could complete your flying experience with payware modules for realistic FMC and […]

vasFMC 2.1, your freeware FMS / FMGC

The latest version 2.1 of the freeware vasFMC has been available for months already but we noted its development status in late March, and got released just a few weeks later.

Let’s participate in raising its fame : vasFMC is compatible with FSX, brings an Airbus like autopilot overriding the default one of […]

vasFMC : Airbus and Boeing systems free

With vasFMC, you get various systems simulated in a standalone program you can integrate with FSX / FS2004 / X-Plane on Windows / Mac OS / Linux operations systems.

It’s also a gauge you can insert in FS2004 panels, and soon in FSX panels. The features list is already long because it simulates the ND, […]

How To Use The FMC

Bert Groner, Editor of the German-language FS Magazin, has released his excellent guide to using the FMC (Flight Management Computer) in an English version now. You can download it as pdf or order it on a CD from simMarket here. The guide explains the general use of an FMC, usable for the PMDG […]

Courseplanner 4 on course

There is quite some developments coming up with the new version of Myoddweb’s Courseplanner utility. Courseplanner is one of those kind of ‘underground’ utilities that you don’t know exist until you come across an article like this (hence i am writing it, smile). What it is: up to now version 3 is a flight planner […]

TuneNAV Descent Pro 3

TuneVNAV Descent Pro3 is “……. an FMC-like bit of software that calculates the exact descent & approach speeds of a descending airplane, all the way to the runway. You can now easily select any Terminal Procedure for any APT in the World (AIRAC cycles). The computed approach speeds are the exact ACRFT’s Maneuvering […]