MCE Adds Maddog 2010 Pro

FS++ have announced a further update to their Multi-Crew Experience package to include detailed support for the Leonardo (LSH) Maddog 2010 Pro MD-82 simulator add-on.

MCE allows pilots to interact with a virtual co-pilot to operate numerous aircraft, as well as communicating with ATC and other features, all of which you can find on […]

MCE supports iFly B744

Multi Crew Experience has been expanded, following the release of the iFly B747-400, to support the new Jumbo so you are no longer flying alone.

The B744 joins numerous other detailed aircraft in being directly supported by the voice-controlled add-on, more about which can be found by visiting simMarket, here.


MCE Supports Classic Boeings

As the video above shows, FS++, developers of Multi-Crew Experience, have announced the addition of two classic Boeing jets to the list of “complex” aircraft supported.

The Boeing 727 and 707, both by Captain Sim, join a list that includes other, more modern, CS models, as well as […]

MCE Adds support for Majestic Dash-8

FS++, the makers of Multi Crew Experience, have announced that support for the popular Majestic Software DASH-8Q-400 regional turboprop package has been added to their utility,.

“We are pleased to inform the flight simulation community that Multi Crew Experience, voice control add-on to FSX, FS9 and Prepar3D has […]

MCE adds DC-9 to line-up.

Multi Crew Experience has been extended again, bringing the add-on’s virtual copilot to the cockpit of the Coolsky DC-9, in addition to its ever extending fleet of supported aircraft, including the Airbus X Extended, shown above.

There are a number of examples of other aircraft and how MCE […]

MCE Supports QW Avro RJ pack

FS++ Simulations have updated their Multi Crew Experience package again, this time adding support for the Qualitywings Avro Regional Jets pack.

“The FS++ team is pleased to announce that Multi Crew Experience, voice control add-on to FSX, Prepar3D and FS9 has now been updated to support Quality Wings BAe146 Avrojet.

Multi Crew Experience (a.k.a. MCE) […]

Multi Crew Experience gets a Lite version

The developers of popular add-on Multi Crew Experience have added a “lite” product to the range available, providing a lower cost, lower complexity, entry level package for default users of FS9 and FSX.

There’s a useful comparison table here on the product page, along with more information about […]

FS++ Update Multi Crew Experience

FS++ have released an update to their popular “Multi Crew Experience” expansion pack for Microsoft Flight Simulators 9 and X.

“The FS++ team is pleased to inform the flight simulator community that “Multi Crew Experience” voice control add-on for FSX & FS9 has been updated with the following […]

VR Insight – CDU II

If you’re into modern airliners, especially those with a lot of ‘glass’ displays, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about how typing in the CDU (Boeing) or MCDU (Airbus) should be easier than using the mouse. The good news is there are several easier, more realistic and better looking hardware solutions. The […]

Diamond Point: Carrier Landings, and how to make holes!

A short story.

Well, I am entranced with the ORBX scenery and especially with Diamond Point. Its location is like a small American style village on a small hill peninsula in what is like a flattened out Fjord area with lots of forest woodlands. The village has houses along the cliff like sides and along […]