LatinWings – Barinas Released (simMarket)

Today, LatinWings announces the release of Barinas X 2015 over on simMarket. Previously, Their products were sold on their own site, although now its on simMarket, I’m sure more people will purchase it.

NewSceneryStudio – Pisa X Released

Pisa X has been released by a developer called NewSceneryStudio. Albeit, the images on the store may look overedited, I’ll try get some natural ones updated in this post soon. Currently, It’s 20% off which ends later today (3rd Sept)

Taburet – Night 3D Norway v2 Released

Taburet have released a v2 of their Night 3D Norway product. If you own their previous v1 then you can simply purchase the new version on the same account free of charge. However, If you didn’t own the previous version then you can get the v2 on simMarket.


KCFS Seabee: A ‘Splash and Dash’, or one to keep?

The KCFS Seabee isn’t a new release. It’s actually quite an old one. So why review it now? Well, frankly, because I only just got it. There’s also the fact that the aircraft is a fairly new release on Steam as DLC (DownLoadable Content – what most people just call “add-ons”!) so it’s “new” […]

New Flight1 GEX and UTX Releases on the Store

There have been 3 new Flight1 Releases on the simMarket store recently: Thus being Australia and Antarctica, Asia and South America along with Ultimate Terrain X: Tropical America and the Caribbean. They are all similarly priced at €25.92 Excl VAT and compatible with FSX and FSX Steam.


FSX Scenery designer? SODE it!

One of the biggest disappointments with FSX for scenery designers, when the sim was released umpteen-and-a-few years ago, was the fact that ACES neglected to include something called “conditional animations”. That means nothing to most people, but if I said “opening hangar doors“, “custom windsocks“, “piles of snow” and “this product is […]

Aerosoft’s Paro to challenge your skills

Paro in Bhutan (VQBR/PBH) is considered by many to be “the most dangerous airport in the world”. While that may be open to debate, it is certainly one that will test your piloting skills to the maximum, with no visual or radio approach aids and a winding […]

Flight1 – New at simMarket

Today you will find some new Flight1 products at simMarket. You can now purchase their Ground Environment X: Atlantic & Tropics in addition to the Africa/Middle East pack. Both packages are compatible with FSX/FSX:SE and are both at the same price of €32.39


FSimStudios – Portland, Maine Released

FSimStudios has released their rendition of Portland International today. Portland, Maine is their second release (Their first one being Mataveri) and it looks really nice from the images provided. Check out the simMarket store to grab yours today.

FlyInside – FSX VR Plugin Kickstarter

A chap called Daniel Church is currently running a Kickstarter for a product which is essentially a plugin giving you Virtual Reality support within FSX. It doesn’t really mention anything about P3D although I assume something similar if not the same plugin would work with a few altercations. If you have an Oculus Rift […]