OMSI 2 – Add-on Hafencity – Hamburg Modern

Many new features make this add-on Hafencity Hamburg Modern for OMSI 2 particularly interesting, it’s not only a map expansion with 2 actual lines of Hamburg.

If you already have Hamburg Day & Night add-on, you can now drive on all 4 lines. AI Cyclists for the first time, 2 buses with Hybrid engines […]

Aerosoft – Bali & Berlin-Tegel XP Updates

X-Plane pilots, Aerosoft have two sceneries recently updated for you. In Bali XP version 1.02, the static aircraft are fixed and the windsocks act according the direction and speed.

Berlin Tegel XP is compatible with X-Plane 11 only. The update 1.01 brings important enhancements : AI traffic routes are fixed, the ground details and reflections […]

Taxi2Gate – Munich Airport EDDM P3D V4

After Paris Charles De Gaulle LFPG, it’s now the turn of Munich EDDM to get updated for Prepar3D V4 by Taxi2Gate.

This is not only an automatic installer, the team included the latest terminal changes, hotel buildings, dynamic lights and SODE jetways. For existing owners of the P3D v1/v3 – FSX product, the upgrade fee […]

Aerosoft – Airport Stuttgart XP 11

With Airport Stuttgart XP 11, Aerosoft installs an accurate and up to date reproduction of the German airport.

The animated passengers boarding and the animated traffic are not the only attractive features.

Aerosoft – Berlin-Tegel Professional P3D4

The Professional P3D4 airports series of Aerosoft are major airports with performance optimization and additional effects, exclusively made possible for the latest version of this flight sim.

In Berlin-Tegel EDDT, the buildings and objects have been enhanced for a smooth display in the sim, the shadows effects have also been revised. Owners of the older […]

Freeware : Frank Seifert – EDGP Oppenheim

Located in Germany between Mannheim and Frankfurt, the little airfield of EDGP Oppenheim has been reproduced with great details by Frank Seifert.

It’s totally free and the high quality level is stunning : 3D animated people, AI ship traffic and dynamic lights, it’s perfect for P3D V4, and FSX too.


Aerosoft – Friedrichshafen Professional P3D4

New title in the Professional P3D4 series of Aerosoft, Friedrichshafen EDNY ticks all the options and advanced features needed by advanced simmers.

The German Airports Team added new features like the dynamic lights, updated the ground layout and the AIRAC approaches. All BGL files have been compiled for the 64bit simulator and the shadows […]

Aerosoft – Stuttgart and Frankfurt PRO P3D4

Aerosoft made numerous enhancements to the existing sceneries of Stuttgart EDDS and Mega Airport Frankfurt EDDF, to be able to appreciate more than just the P3D V4 Compatibility.

These Professional versions are exclusive P3D V4 products and they are made with the latest SDK, with new shadows, lights and optimization.


Taxi2Gate Preparing Munich P3D V4

After Paris Charles De Gaulle, Taxi2Gate announce that their next airport to be made compatible with P3D V4 will be Munich EDDM, quite logical isn’t it ?

It should be another separate product from the existing P3D V3-V1 & FSX version, to come with SODE animated jetways and new dynamic lights.


JustSim – EDDL Düsseldorf v1.1

Announced as a future free update, the animated jetways have been now added to JustSim scenery of Düsseldorf airport.

The update version 1.1 also adds the Safedock® feature (Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System VDGS), but it’s only usable with both SODE and FSDT Ground Service X.