Digital Design – EDDP Leipzig-Halle FSX P3D

In flight during the approach, or at the parking, the new German airport of EDDP Leipzig-Halle from Digital Design has some neat features to display.

The automatically changed seasons of the custom terrain with Autogen, and the SODE animated jetways will confirm you just ordered a high quality product.

29Palms / Captain7 – Nürnberg EDDN Project News

Patience is rewarding the simmers waiting for the German airport scenery of EDDN Nürnberg under development by 29Palms Scenery Design in partnership with Captain7.

80% of the airport buildings have been designed already, but they also want to implement the detailed city.

JustSim – EDDH Hamburg Update v1.2 for FSX/P3D

More animations for the radar, lights adjustments, SODE animated jetways are some items fixed and added in the update 1.2 for FSX and P3D customers of EDDH Hamburg from JustSim.

The German airport has already been trusting the top 10 sellers products at simMarket ! Download this update directly from your user account downloads.


Aerosoft – Berlin-Tegel XP 10/11

Explore the photoreal scenery of Berlin-Tegel EDDT in X-Plane 10 or 11.

Aerosoft raised the quality with advanced features that include animations, night effects and tiny details on the buildings roofs.

JustSim – Hamburg EDDH X-Plane

Only a few days after its release for FSX and P3D platforms, JustSim launch the counterpart for X-Plane of Hamburg EDDH.

The advanced scenery takes advantage of X-Plane 11 features like the dynamic ground vehicles and the runway reflection.


JustSim – LEBL & EDDH Updates

JustSim sent yesterday their update for LEBL Barcelona El Prat. The spanish airport received a new model for Terminal 1, reduced the memory usage by 30%, and added ground vehicles modeds. If not appeared yet in your user account, it will in a few hours. Registered customers will be notified by an email from simMarket. […]

JustSim – Hamburg Helmut Schmidt EDDH FSX P3D

Yet another JustSim airport to explore ! P3D v3 users are advantaged with exclusive features that only this simulator graphics engine allows like realistic reflections. In all cases, even FSX pilots will enjoy the detailed and high resolution textures used on the terrain, apron, taxiways and the buildings of course.

The SODE animated jetways, […]

JustSim – EDDH Hamburg This Month

Important airport in Germany, Hamburg EDDH as a detailed scenery for FSX and P3D would please a lot of pilots around.

This month of February, JustSim plans to release their new product featuring all the custom buildings, detailed jetways and custom terrain as usual from this team.


Prealsoft – HD Cities Düsseldorf City FSX P3D

Prealsoft apply now their successful recipe of HD Cities to the German city of Düsseldorf, after Frankfurt, Rome and Barcelona.

Only photoreal textures would be way too tight-fisted for an urban scenery. Designers have worked also on the numerous and specific Autogen buildings / trees, and custom 3D buildings to recognize a few landmarks.


29Palms – EDDN Nürnberg News

Developed by 29Palms Scenery Design and Captain7, the German airport of Nürnberg will be ready this year for FSX and P3D.

This is the latest screenshot uploaded by the designers, and you will certainly applaud the confirmation of SODE animated jetways.