VR Insight – Flight Master Yoke III

Looking for an advanced and quality yoke device ? The new Flight Master Yoke III from VR Insight is here to fit your needs.

With its flaps and trim levers added, you still have switches for the Master, Avionics and Lights. Setup all controls through the included game controller software as you wish.


Cockpit PHD – Boeing 747 Throttle Handles Set For Saitek

After the A320 and the B737, Cockpit PHD adds another set of handles for your Saitek throttle quadrant : the Boeing 747 !

This set comes with the 4 engines throttle, and dummy reverser handles. For the best setup like on the picture, you need 2 throttles by Saitek, and the quadrnt mounting box also […]

SimOnSolution – Boeing 737 MIP Desktop System

Expect a high quality system, manufactured in laser cut metal with powder painting, brought to the market by SimOnSolution.

Their 737 MIP System is easy to use, to be connected to a single computer and it load alls the necessary for a realistic desktop solution.

CPFlight – New 737 MCP Pro v2 And More

Manufactured by CPFlight, the well known MCP 737 Pro is now arrived in stock in its new version 2.

Among the components, new Swiss made encoders, light sensor and the custom made pushbuttons reach a very high level of accuracy in the replica accuracy of the Mode Control Panel. Check out their other products […]

A320 SRV 2.0 Side Stick USB !

Discover at simMarket the Rolls Royce of the flight stick for Airbus Simulation : an exact replica of the A320 Side Stick by ACC Aircraft Controls.

With its 5 year warranty and the quality materials they used, it’s made to last. Both Captain and First Officer sides versions are available in stock.


Thrustmaster launch the T.16000M FCS Hotas

Thrustmaster adds a medium range product that combines a flightstick and a separate throttle control in the T.16000M FCS Hotas pack.

Its look and color are marketed to fit with Elite Dangerous space simulator but the numerous buttons and comfort can make flight simulation pilots happy too. Well, in the US market at least because […]

TrackIR 5 – Choose your pack

Choose the accessories you want to get packed with your TrackIR 5 unit : the trackhat, the black track clip, the vector expansion set..

Track IR works with over 100 games and simulators to allow your head movements control the view and make the experience more immsersive.



FlightDeck Solutions – 737NG MX Series MCP and EFIS units

The Canadian manufacturer explains how they build their last MX Series units for the 737NG.

FDS explains how the switches, buttons and knobs are controlled, how they have been made.

Updates !

LatinVFR KMIA v3 is compatible with P3D v2/v3 and FSX. For this last one, a new patch may be necessary to fix the memory usage and display performance issues. In the same time, the same publishers made another patch, for Key West v2 this time. Download what you need from your user account at simMarket.


OpenCockpits parts 747 and 767

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OpenCockpits allows you to order their Boeing 747 and 767 cockpit replica parts for your home system. […]