SimOnSolution – Boeing 737 MIP Desktop System

Expect a high quality system, manufactured in laser cut metal with powder painting, brought to the market by SimOnSolution.

Their 737 MIP System is easy to use, to be connected to a single computer and it load alls the necessary for a realistic desktop solution.

CPFlight – New 737 MCP Pro v2 And More

Manufactured by CPFlight, the well known MCP 737 Pro is now arrived in stock in its new version 2.

Among the components, new Swiss made encoders, light sensor and the custom made pushbuttons reach a very high level of accuracy in the replica accuracy of the Mode Control Panel. Check out their other products […]

OpenCockpits parts 747 and 767

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OpenCockpits allows you to order their Boeing 747 and 767 cockpit replica parts for your home system. […]

Review: Wheel Stand Pro Deluxe V2 (translated from german)

Hardware is the key, if you want to reach the higher levels of simulation. But it’s not the device itself, that makes things look and feel different. It’s also the rigg for it. Where would you find the joy in simming with the best HOTAS system, the most realistic […]

Aft Overhead joins the Simworld PnP Cockpit


Moving upwards and rearwards of their previous hardware releases, the latest addition to Simworld‘s Plug and Play B737NG cockpit is the less used, but still important, aft overhead panel unit.

Containing the controls for the INS, audio configuration, ELT and a number of indications, the panel is once more compatible with the ProSim737 package, […]

Simworld 737NG Forward Overhead

We reported the availability of the main panel module for Simworld‘s USB Plung & Play B737NG cockpit at the weekend, it has now been joined on simMarket by the forward overhead panel module, displayed in the video above as part of the full package.


P’n’P 737 Instrument Panel

Simworld are now offering their Plug and Play USB B737NG main panel for sale through simMarket, including a number of features that the developers’ state to be unique to their panel within the sim hardware industry.


VA System’s Throttle A320 Pro

Virtual Aviation Systemt sell their new Throttle A320 Pro at simMarket. This impressive piece of hardware is an accurate replica of the real Airbus thrust and startup controls, with “motorized trim wheels, throttle gates, totally backlighted” and ‘USB plug-and-play”.

CPflight new driver for PMDG 737 NGX

A new driver version is available for PMDG 737 NGX and the lucky owners of a 737 MCP replica manufactured by CPflight.

On their webpage, we found the notification of bug fixing about “Correct Cold&Dark”, and they “sincronyzed with the start of the MCP software“.


Heli Kit – Helicopter Training Device

Here’s an interesting idea for the more rotary-wing inclined among our readership – a collapsible helicopter controls trainer that can be folded away for transport or when not in use.

Newly released by Panamanian company Heli-Kit, the trainer features a long cyclic control (not spring centred), pedals, a collective control and rotary throttle unit on […]