Free : Flight1 ForeFlight Plug-in for P3D / FSX

This is certainly an opportunity to use ForeFlight app on your iPhone or iPad. Flight1 Aviation Technologies developed a plugin to connect the electronic flight bag and navigation app to your simulator P3D or FSX. Note that the plugin is free and the app needs a subscription to access most of its content.

Among the […]

Simming on the Go: Round 2

While everyone has been complaining about the lack of recent “FS next” releases, there have been not one, but two updated releases for the mobile simming market – both of which are considerable improvements over their predecessors.

While the high-end FS crowd will still decry the mobile sims as being “games”, rather than “sims”, the […]

Xavion free to use in XP10

Real-world aviation iDevice application Xavion, by Austin Meyer, is now available to use free with your home PC when flying the author’s X-Plane 10 simulation platform.

To read the full press release text, click “read more“, or to visit the application’s website, click here.


X-Plane 10 mobile released

Laminar Research have announced the release of X-Plane 10 Mobile for iPhone and iPad, adding a new level of realism to the travelling pilot, away from their primary sim, or those who just want to visit the world in a portable format.

Having tried the single free aircraft in the new sim, as well […]

iPad AeroflyFS gains another model

It’s possibly an odd choice for a VFR-orientated sim controlled by waving a tablet around, but the latest update to Ikarus Aerofly FS on iPad, version 1.1.0, brings with it a number of liveries for the previously released A320 model and one new aircraft – the Boeing 747-400.

Other fixes include the return of the […]

iFMS v1.1.4 available for download

Michael De Feyter has announced that the latest version of his iFMS application is available for download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your device.

The update fixes a number of issues and adds new aircraft to the database, more details of which can be found on the developer’s thread […]

iFMS released for iDevices

Michael Defeyter of has announced the release of iFMS for iDevices – “a fully functional “Boeing Style”Flight Management System and HSI display on iPhone, iPad or iPod.”

Connecting via WiFi and a PC-based connection application available to download from the developer’s website, iFMS features a Multifunctional Control Display Unit (MCDU) and a Horizontal Situation […]

FSXLive HD from PositionGames

PositionGames have further added to their FSX iDevice utilities with the release of FSXLive HD, turning your iGadget into a moving map, which can be accessed via the developers’ PC client application.

To view the full list of features, click “Read more” below, while the product can be found here at the Apple iTunes App […]

iFMS for iDevices

It’s not always easy to find the flight simulator retated apps in the stores, but when we find one enough interesting to share, we don’t hesitate !

This one works with FSX on iPad 3, iPhone 4 or iPod. iFMS simulates a flight management system with LNAV / VNAV calculations in a Boeing style, […]

Position Games release FSXSuite

The latest release from Position Games for iDevices brings a number of useful utilities together in one package.

FSXSuite includes not only a moving map, with an overlaid flightplan over either satellite or drawn imagery, but also a Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS), AI radar, weather radar drawn from cloud information within the sim […]