IRIS – CT-4F Akala Preview Update

Seeing that IRIS team is speeding up their posts on the social networks about their upcoming CT-4F Akala, it could mean that they are working on the last development tasks before public release.

Their very detailed model with its large canopy gives a good view of their 3D pilots training in the little aircraft.


IRIS – CT/4F Akala Preview Video

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Aerobatics in the CT/4F Akala

Posted by IRIS Flight Simulation Software on Donnerstag, 28. September 2017

For sure, it affects me much less in a video than if I was really onboard.

IRIS Simulations take us for a tour in their upcoming CT-4F Akala, and it won’t be just a simple stabilized flight training session.

IRIS – CT-4F Alaka Preview Update

IRIS Simulations noticed that their last preview album was particularly appreciated by the visitors.

More pics of their upcoming CT/4F Alaka have been shared to please again their fans.

IRIS – CT-4B / CT-4F Akala Preview

Have a look at the current project of IRIS : the CT-4B and CT-4F are at the top of their to-do list.

Soon available for P3D v4/v3 and FSX, various liveries have already been introduced to the visitors of their Facebook page.


IRIS – Embraer 312 Tucano Project

Another military training turboprop aircraft will expand the IRIS collection titles : the EMB 312 Tucano.

It’s also used in the aerobatic squadron and air forces, especially in South America and Africa. IRIS introduced their new FSX / P3D project.

IRIS – Pilatus PC-24 SVJ Updated

If you have purchased the Pilatus PC-24 SVJ, you will be interested in the latest patch from IRIS.

Click here to access directly to the changelog. The standard process is to re-download the full installer but there’s also a direct link to the patch only if you prefer this time.


IRIS – CT-4F Akala project

Another Aitrainer for military pilots initializing their career is on the projects list of IRIS Simulations.

On the 2 pics revealed by the studios on their Facebook page, it’s the CT-4F Akala : an aircraft manufactured in New Zealand.

IRIS updates their Jabiru J-160

IRIS Simulations made compatible with Prepar3D v3 their Jabiru J-160 released back in 2014.

Still compatible with FSX and P3D v2 of course, they complete the update with new audio file, “flight models, updated artwork and the addition of a new aircraft configuration manager and flight assistance window as found on the Jabiru J170 product“. […]

IRIS – CT-4 Airtrainer progress

The next project under development at IRIS is already shown as preview on their Facebook page here.

The CT-4 was a single piston engined airtrainer for military pilots, with two seats. Produced between 1972 and 2008, it will become a detailed model for FSX/P3D in the next months.


IRIS Pro Training Series – Incoming Pilatus PC-9 update

The Pilatus PC-9 is a powerful turboprop twin seat aircraft used for military training before recruits get the right to fly a military jet.

In the next hours, registered customers of this IRIS Pro Training Series title will be able to download an updated version with Prepar3D v3 compatibility.