IRIS – Embraer 312 Tucano Project

Another military training turboprop aircraft will expand the IRIS collection titles : the EMB 312 Tucano.

It’s also used in the aerobatic squadron and air forces, especially in South America and Africa. IRIS introduced their new FSX / P3D project.

IRIS – Pilatus PC-24 SVJ Updated

If you have purchased the Pilatus PC-24 SVJ, you will be interested in the latest patch from IRIS.

Click here to access directly to the changelog. The standard process is to re-download the full installer but there’s also a direct link to the patch only if you prefer this time.


IRIS – CT-4F Akala project

Another Aitrainer for military pilots initializing their career is on the projects list of IRIS Simulations.

On the 2 pics revealed by the studios on their Facebook page, it’s the CT-4F Akala : an aircraft manufactured in New Zealand.

IRIS updates their Jabiru J-160

IRIS Simulations made compatible with Prepar3D v3 their Jabiru J-160 released back in 2014.

Still compatible with FSX and P3D v2 of course, they complete the update with new audio file, “flight models, updated artwork and the addition of a new aircraft configuration manager and flight assistance window as found on the Jabiru J170 product“. […]

IRIS – CT-4 Airtrainer progress

The next project under development at IRIS is already shown as preview on their Facebook page here.

The CT-4 was a single piston engined airtrainer for military pilots, with two seats. Produced between 1972 and 2008, it will become a detailed model for FSX/P3D in the next months.


IRIS Pro Training Series – Incoming Pilatus PC-9 update

The Pilatus PC-9 is a powerful turboprop twin seat aircraft used for military training before recruits get the right to fly a military jet.

In the next hours, registered customers of this IRIS Pro Training Series title will be able to download an updated version with Prepar3D v3 compatibility.


IRIS – Pilatus PC-24 work-in-progress

Thanks to David Love-Brice, visitors of IRIS Facebook page can access to the latest screenies reporting the work-in-progress status of their Pilatus PC-24.

There you’ll load pictures of both exterior and interior 3D models at their current stage of developement.


IRIS – Extra 330SC development progress

If you have the chance to seat in an Extra 330SC, it’s probably not for a comfortable and quiet VFR flight. The powerful and funny aircraft is made for performance and acrobatics.

IRIS Flight Simulation Software loaded 30 new preview screenshots of their future model so we can simulate such crazy flights on our simulators.


IRIS – More preview shots of Jabiru J170D

IRIS Simulations just completed his preview album of the Jabiru J170D so we can enjoy the virtual cockpit progress of their airplane, part of the Aviator Series.

Iris Pro Training Series – Grob G115E Tutor

Iris’s Pro Training Series Grob Tutor has been released onto the simMarket store. A separate version is the only option at the moment and you can either buy it for FSX or P3D and if you want them both then you can get them both as part of an offer and get both versions […]