FSDreamTeam – Louisville Intl KSDF FSX P3D

The experienced designers of FSDreamTeam have a new airport where they invite the simmers to appreciate the best compromise of high quality visuals and great performance with efficient optimization.

At Louisville KSDF, Kentucky, the big airport scenery features advanced animations not only for the jetways for passengers boardings, but also a new loading animations […]

FSDreamTeam – KSDF New Cargo Operation System In UPS Area

The latest preview of Louisville airport, Kentucky, by FSDreamTeam shows the new animations they have designed to reproduce the UPS cargo operation at all gates in the freight area.

The 3D animated crew, mobile stairs, and cargo loaders come to your aircraft to unload the containers, with UPS labels among the textures.


FSDT – Louisville-Standford KSDF New Preview

Do you want more FSDreamTeam airports based in USA ? Good news for you, their collection will be expanded with Louisville-Standford KSDF, in Kentucky.

More pics are visible at Facebook to check the quality of the ground vehicles, markings, wear and tear effects on concrete tiles…


FSDT – Louisville Intl KSDF Preview

KSDF Louisville International Airport-Standiford Field is the current scenery project run at FSDreamTeam workshop.

Click this link to display 2 pics of the airport integrated in its environment.

DOM GNL takes on Kentucky Night

The floodlights of the Kentucky Speedway might keep the track illuminated for the drivers, but in a large and competitive field, if you are even slightly chicken, you’re going to end up fried.

As the picture above shows, the iRacing DOM-GNL (Deutsche Online Meisterschift or German NASCAR League) is pretty close and competitive, with Robert […]

DOM-GNL #36 – Kentucky


It’s the last race of the season. Having battled it out with the top 10 drivers in the iRacing DOM-GNL (German NASCAR League), has Robert Graf managed to drive his simFlight Chevy Impala home in the top group of finishers? We hear from him about how he did in the final race and […]

iRacing DOM-GNL Season Opener

You may well remember from a while ago that slightly to The Management’s surprise, simFlight found itself sponsoring a racing car a while ago… Not a real one, unfortunately(?!), but the simulated oval racer of Austrian reader Robert Graf, in the DOM-GNL (Deutsche Online Meisterschaft – German NASCAR League) of iRacing.

Well the season opener […]